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#AwwHellSnow: 20 Times the frigid winter weather made us LOL

Canada is freezing over and we might as well laugh about. We could cry, but our tears would probably just freeze over anyway.

Thanks to Jimmy Fallon, who asked people to share their funniest snowstorm moments with the hashtag, #AwwHellSnow, people have taken to Twitter to share pictures of winter’s wrath.

Aren’t convinced this is the craziest winter storm Canada has ever seen? Niagara Falls just froze over, guys. Niagara freaking Falls.
Of course, this has been a trying time for a lot of people around the country, so our thoughts are with them. But in the meantime, we have got to laugh at all the craziness of this winter storm.

From pets with the cold winter blues, to losing a car under several feet of snow, these people have seen it all.

Snowstorms bring people together:

They make going to the toilet all the more interesting:

But it’s also hard work:

And it ruins that good hair day you thought you were having: 

It’s a fashion disaster waiting to happen:

Snowstorms can also turn nurses into patients:

And sometimes Twitter just isn’t even worth the risk:

Canada in winter, where there’s no need for hairspray: 

It ruins all your entertaining plans:

And you find incredible new ways to use a hairdryer:

Even the pets have the winter blues:

Dude, where’s my car?

There’s no getting out of this situation anytime soon:

And sometimes it can be a downright pain in the neck — or face:

Some people just don’t get it:

And it can make for some awkward situations. Watch your step is all I’m saying:

It’s a learning curve. With experience comes wisdom:

Then there’s the joy that comes with making snow angels:

And it can make for some interesting family get-togethers:

Let it snow, let it snow:

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