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Got a big date? Job interview? You can now get fabulously styled at home

Christine Cameron

As a personal stylist, I am in the business of being personable. I love meeting my clients face to face and working inside their closets, helping them understand how to get dressed and feel great in their clothing.

And although I traditionally do spend these sessions in person, the reality is, not everyone lives in New York, therefore potentially limiting my clientele.

That is where Skype comes in! Working with Skype has been a total game changer for me. It has helped me expand my client base, create versatility within my work and offer various types of sessions, especially for those that don’t have the time to invest in a total closet overhaul. As much as I love to physically work in a client’s closet, go shopping with them and style them in person, working with clients online has proven to be exciting, inspiring and is an innovative aspect to my business. So when SheKnows asked me to style one their editors, Hayley, for an upcoming date with her boyfriend, I jumped at the chance to show how easy and accessible using Skype can be for a quick styling session. In under an hour, we were able to create a perfect date night look for her by revamping some of her tried and true favorites and pairing them with a statement piece to create a chic and stylish outfit. Follow Hayley and I through our styling process and get some takeaway tips to use for your next date out on the town!

1. First, we factored in the logistics of her date.

The ol’ who, what, where, why will help you narrow down what is appropriate and help cut out pieces that are unnecessary i.e. open-toed shoes in winter. Hayley was heading out on a date with her boyfriend in New York, so we wanted to style her according to the chilly winter weather but still have her look chic and feminine.

2. Pick 3-4 pieces you currently wear

Next I had Hayley pull out 3-4 pieces that she was currently loving and would feel comfortable wearing. When doing this step yourself, try and focus on items that you love or make you feel good when you put them on. This could be anything from a pair of pants or skirt to you new favorite top or sweater. Bottom line, you want to feel like your best self in the item. Think about what you want the overall vibe of the outfit to be. Is it mod, classic, sexy, feminine? Then go from there and style accordingly.

3. Pick a statement piece, keep everything else simple

In Hayley’s case, she was into a mod-chic vibe, so we paired her favorite black short-sleeve turtleneck sweater, black tights and black boots with the skirt, which helped it stand out and make it pop. Remember that whatever you decide is your statement piece, whether it’s a metallic skirt or bright pump, build from there and create the focal point around that item. Then keep everything else simple.

4. Hair, accessories and makeup

Almost done! Now that we nailed down the basics pieces of her outfit, we focused on accessories, hair and makeup. Because we opted for a turtleneck, we decided to go with dangly earrings and a simple bracelet or two instead of a necklace. And since the outfit is made up of two colors (white and black) I suggested that we add in a punch of color by having her wear a poppy/coral/red lipstick. Bright nails or clutch is also an option if you wanted to take it one step further, but we decided to stay simple and use a black clutch. For hair, it depends on what jewelry you are wearing and what kind of top. In Hayley’s case, I suggested that she wear her hair half up. This hairstyle helps draw the eye up and showcase her face and earrings.

5. The finishing touch

Lastly, we went with a simple and pretty gray overcoat, but feel free to have fun with your jacket. If your outfit is mostly monochromatic, maybe this is where you inject your pop of color! As Jenna Lyons says, “The coat: It’s your finishing touch. Your very own candy wrapper.”

Disclosure: This post is part of a collaboration with Skype and SheKnows.

Photos By: Tiffany Hagler-Geard/SheKnows

Christine Cameron is a personal stylist, writer, and editor of the website she launched in the fall of 2008, My Style Pill. She specializes in one-on-one consultations both in the New York area and throughout the country, providing you with helpful tips to create stylish outfits and inspire you to be become a more confident dresser with items you already own.

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