Snapchat artist makes ordinary people look extraordinary

The app Snapchat is most often used to send quick bursts of silly/cute/fun pictures and anecdotes between friends, but this artist decided to take things up a notch. He decided to start snapping pictures of random, regular people, and used Snapchat to, shall we say, enhance their daily routines.

Norwegian graphic designer Geir Ove Pedersen started the “Random People Project” a few months back, and posts the finished images on his Instagram account @geeohsnap. Today, he has 26,300 followers. The people he takes pictures of have no idea he’s doing it, and that in turn seems to give him a lot of freedom to create new stories around them.

Pedersen is naturally thrilled with the response his work’s received, especially since the idea for it came from such a mundane place. He told Buzzfeed, “It all started in a airport while I was waiting for a plane. I was checking out the app Snapchat on my smartphone.” That’s definitely how I started playing with the app β€” I was bored waiting for the subway, and someone in a funny sweater walked by. Snap! Now of course I don’t have anywhere near Pedersen’s impressive drawing skills, but I can absolutely see how the app allows you to lend a little magic to an otherwise bland scenario.

Of course I have no idea how he creates the amazing illustrations he does with just that rudimentary drawing tool the app provides, but I suppose that’s why he’s the graphic designer and I am not. “You have to think different and smart to make it work,” he says. “Since there are limited possibilities with the drawing tool.” Easier said than done, Pedersen, but thanks for the tip.

He also recognizes that while he may be one of the first to implement the drawing tool in this way, he will be far from the last. “I see more and more people are inspired to draw in Snapchat. And some are also quite good at it, so I think we will see more Snapchat artists in the future.” Perhaps, Pedersen, but few are improving upon the lives and surrounds of everyday folks as intriguingly as you. Here are some of my personal favorites:

1. I petition my grocery to add a Whack-A-Mole daily.

2. “This pretzel may take a year to eat, but I’m going to make it happen!”

3. “Some call it a disability. I call it the reason I don’t have to chew my food anymore.”

4. “Don’t worry, we’ll make room! But just to warn you, we like to cuddle!”

5. “I hate my job.”

6. Everybody’s waiting for something…

7. Even Chief Rocking Horse has to take public transportation sometimes.

8. “You promised we’d go to the mall!” “Why are you such a bad driver, Dad?”

9. Sometimes, bears need a bear hug too.

10. “Whelp… gonna be late now.”

11. “You know, I always said we could be great friends if you’d just stop stealing my stuff and trying to eat me.”

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