Granny chic is the real deal — how to copy the trend

Fifty Shades of Grey is no longer the only trend in town capitalizing on that color. A new look dominated New York Fashion Week this year, and, unlike harem pants, it’s something with which I could totally get on board. It’s called “granny chic,” and it’s exactly as it sounds. Gray hair, frumpy sweaters and oversized glasses.

First, celebrities began to pop up with locks of gorgeous gray. Zosia Mamet sported the look at the premiere of her movie A Most Violent Year this past December. When asked why she jumped from platinum to the silver hue, she simply replied, “I got bored.”

Kylie Jenner actually had gone gray a couple months earlier in October, but most just thought it was for Halloween, since she’s not shy about changing up her hair hue. However, she hung onto the gray for quite some time, so the granny-esque do has received significant attention. I should probably let my mom know she can stop dyeing her hair red if she wants to stay trendy, right? Nah, the irony would probably be lost on her.

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a little grey never hurt nobody

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These fashion pioneers are now in great company riding the gray hair train. Rihanna, Pink, Orange Is the New Black star Dascha Polanco and model Charlotte Free are all on board, sporting variations of the lustrous hue.

According to Jasmin Allen, senior color master at Errol Douglas Salon, “There’s been a gradual creep towards complete gray, with celebrities experimenting with red carpet looks hinting gray via lilacs, blues and greens. I’ve particularly liked the high silver interpretation of gray, it reflects the light in a way that no other color can.”

But hair color is just the tip of the granny iceberg, my friends. Here are some key elements one should embrace in order to go full granny this spring.

1. Layering turtlenecks

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Grandmothers are notorious for being cold even when it’s 80 degrees outside. Well, fashion has finally seen the brilliance behind this seemingly ridiculous delusion. If you want to fully embrace that “I don’t care if the a/c’s off, I’m still chilly” look in the spring, try layering a turtleneck under a kicky, colorful dress. If you want to take it a step further, throw a scarf on too. A true granny knows you’re only ready to go out if your neck is completely protected from the elements.

2. Sneakers with fancy skirts and dresses

The key to this style is comfort no matter how awkward it may occasionally come across to others. Grannies by nature hate to have cramped feet. Even if they’re headed to a fancy restaurant, comfortable shoes are first priority. I think they just assume no one’s going to be looking at their feet, and frankly, I often find myself thinking the same way.

3. Oversized coats

The key to granny outerwear is never wear a coat that fits you properly. My grandma’s coats were huge, and she was always pulling random things out of them like tissues, Vaseline and the occasional roll. Obviously you want to make sure you have room for all your address books, vitamins and Marjan tiles.

4. Sandals with socks

Remember, even in sandal weather, grannies never like to show too much skin, especially in the foot area. But no worries, toe-shyness has been incorporated into the granny look for the spring and summer months. I still think it’s pretty weird, but hey, if designers and models are wearing it, I suppose it’s a go.

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5. Florals, florals and… more florals

Gotta love those big, wallpaper-like floral patterns! If they look like they’d be on the walls of your grandma’s home, they should also be all over your wardrobe. P.S.: the more creative you get with floral overlapping, the better.

6. Lots of lace

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Lace dress #paris #pfw #streetstyle

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The doily look is smokin’ right now. Actually, pretty much anything a granny would knit or crochet would be a perfect addition to your spring closet. But remember, looser is better, because comfort comes first. You’ll thank me, and your grandma, later.

7. Headscarf hot

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@lily_kwong & @miraduma at Ralph Lauren AW14 #nyfw #streetstyle

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Not just for keeping your hair out of your face in a convertible anymore. The headscarf should be worn tied under your chin to give you more of that “babushka” look. Silk or knit works, as long as it’s heavily patterned and/or nubby.

8. Oversized bags

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Rainy day, London sep/13

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You have to have room for all the books you’re reading this month, extra pairs of gloves, your makeup, two sets of glasses and three apples in case you get peckish, right? An oversized tote is the only way to go, preferably stain-proof because, you know, things happen when you’re shoving desserts in there.

9. Giant glasses

Or cataract glass as my grandma called them. These can be prescription, or just for fun, but they should be big and bold. Grannies hate blind spots, and need to have bifocal space at the bottom of their lenses. Now you don’t need to go that far — the large look will be enough to capture the essence.

And, in honor of the granny look, take your calcium supplements, don’t neglect leafy green vegetables (for fiber to stay regular), and make sure you stay up to date with international and local news. Also floss — senior health care is no joke.

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