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‘Adult Wednesday Addams’ puts catcallers in their place (VIDEO)

If Wednesday Addams was all grown up, how would she deal with it if someone catcalled her? Thankfully, we can find out thanks to this creative video.
An amazing comedian named Melissa Hunter has captured the essence of Wednesday Addams in a series of incredible YouTube videos, where she dubs herself “Adult Wednesday Addams.” Her latest video deals with the issue of catcalling, which is a pervasive problem, particularly in larger cities. It’s a demeaning, threatening power play that nobody wants to be the recipient of.

After being told by one meathead that she’d be prettier if she smiled, she’s then told by the other that she should take a load off and sit on his face. Next, she’s peppered with obscenities when she doesn’t respond, and they drive off. You can tell by the look on her face as they exit the scene that she’s starting to make a plan, and it’s pretty badass when it is played out.

She rounds up a troupe of impressive guys (“Bob is the only one who’s been institutionalized!” she says) who aren’t there to pound their faces in — no, the punishment she has dreamed up plays out another way.

She’s not the first woman to tackle the subject of catcalling through a video, and unfortunately she will probably not be the last. There have been experiments conducted to find out what women really experience as they make their way throughout their city, and the results are definitely alarming. A parody catcalling video has also been made, and while the video is hilarious, it’s also frighteningly accurate.

Hunter’s take is definitely good for the soul (because who doesn’t love Wednesday Addams?), but catcalling remains an act of aggression that shouldn’t continue to happen. Catcalling is not a joke, and women who don’t like it shouldn’t be ridiculed because they “can’t take a compliment.” Catcalling doesn’t make women smile, it doesn’t make them feel good — it serves to make the catcaller feel superior and in power. It’s not so attractive when you put it that way, is it?

On a lighter note, while you’re at it, check out the rest of Hunter’s fab videos. They are cleverly done and definitely remind me of what Wednesday Addams would be like as a grown-up.

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