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Couple caught on film having sex in public while wearing a baby

There are lots of weird things on the internet. But a cellphone video taken at a German train station just won the biggest WTF.

An unnamed couple is caught on tape mid-coitus by a giggling camera man. Sure, it’s a little shady to film people having sex without their knowledge — but it’s even shadier to have graphic intercourse in the middle of a public subway station with onlookers clearly standing about. Kudos for managing to bone on an escalator, though. Many people struggle to even embark on an escalator without stumbling, let alone get it on while holding the rail.

Anyway, it gets worse. So much worse. When the women turns around after a bystander finally interrupts them, it becomes clear that she’s wearing an infant in a baby carrier. Yep. These people were having sex in public on an escalator while wearing a baby.

Is this a new way to soothe babies to sleep? Parents have tried everything from putting a baby carrier on a washing machine to driving in circles around the block. So maybe the rhythmic swaying motions of flagrant public sex were meant to help a colicky newborn get to sleep.

We’ll never know.

Next time you’re engaging in a little round of public sex, remember that pretty much anything you do in public can end up on the internet. So avoid holding your children, probably.

If you want to see for yourself, be aware that the video is explicit and not safe for work. You can watch at LiveLeak, but don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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