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9 Gorgeous excuses to add blue to every room in the house

Get lost in a deep sea of blue, create a calming space or brighten up your walls with a splash of aqua. Bring sincerity and tranquility to your home by adding hues of blue to its design.

Whether it’s painting an accent wall, making a statement with bold blue-colored furniture or controlling the mood of a room by painting it entirely blue, incorporate this versatile color into your home to create a stunning space. All of these ideas are brought to you by the editors of!

Here are nine ideas for incorporating beautiful blues into your home design!

1. Paint an accent wall

Adding only a hint of blue to your home by painting a singular wall or section of a wall blue will make your room stand out, without going overboard.

Flowers on wood table with white walls

Photo courtesy of ZeroEnergy Design

2. Buy blue bedding and pillows

Make the color blue the central theme of your bedroom by choosing bedding and pillows that are either blue in color or pattern.

White room with blue pillows and blue artwork

Photo courtesy of Foley & Cox Interiors

3. Tile your bathroom in blue

Brighten up your bathroom with a blue tiled backsplash or shower to bring a simple space to life.

Bathroom with blue tiled shower

Photo courtesy of Normandy Design Build Remodeling

4. Add statement chairs

If you’re not ready to commit to painting a room blue, try adding a blue-colored statement chair to your living room for a less permanent option for your interior design.

Blue chairs

Photo courtesy of Moroso Construction Inc.

5. Take the color to your floors

Step into a sea of blue by tiling or painting your floors a bold blue.

Blue floors

Photo courtesy of Kaplan Architects

6. Choose blue-toned kitchen cabinetry or countertops

Paint your kitchen cabinets a hue of blue or install blue-toned countertops to add beauty and character to your home.

Blue cabinetry

Photo courtesy of Studio Marchetti Architecture

7. Paint a whole room blue

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom, painting an entire room blue will control the mood and tone of the space.

Entire room painted blue

Photo courtesy of Benco Construction

8. Mix in blue pieces of furniture and decor

Don’t be afraid to dress up your home’s interior design with blue-colored furnishings, decor and accessories to add a little fun to a room.

Blue accent table

Photo courtesy of Coburn Architects PC

9. Make a statement with your staircase

Be unique with your home design by painting your staircase or railings a vibrant blue.

Blue stairs

Photo courtesy of Moroso Construction Inc.

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