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10 Simple ways to make the most of your hair

It’s so important to love your hair; when you catch a quick glance of yourself in the mirror, when you run your fingers through it throughout the day and when you receive an unexpected, but very welcome compliment! Your hair has the potential, after all, to be one of your most treasured features.

Many people don’t understand what their own hair is capable of. They don’t know how to take what they have and help it reach its full potential. Others may be able to identify what they don’t like about their hair, but are stumped to find a solution and don’t know where to begin.

So rather than focusing on the problems, I’ve outlined 10 simple solution-oriented suggestions to consider when building a healthy relationship with your hair.


  • A haircut that has short pieces of hair around the face will bring attention to the area of the face where the ends fall. As an example, straight across bangs will really bring attention to your eyes.
  • Are you a short hair person or a long hair person? Maybe you need to be able to put all of your hair in a ponytail. Or maybe having a lot of hair bothers you and you’d rather it just be gone. It should look right and feel right.


  • Do you want your hair color to look natural or obviously colored? Timeless or trendy?
  • Whether your hair is chemically colored or not, clear glosses at your salon will seal your cuticles and make your hair shine.


  • Your shampoo should be gentle and not damaging to the hair. It should also be moisturizing without being too heavy and greasy.
  • Use a hair mask, like the Kerastase Masque Elixir Ultime, once a week in the shower for 10 minutes. A hair mask is an intense conditioning treatment that will soften your hair, prevent color from fading and slow down split ends that are forming.


  • Your hair is an expression of who you are and how you want to be perceived. Choose a style that reflects your mood and personality.
  • Give yourself enough time for your styling routine. If you know you want an amazing style, then plan ahead, set your alarm, wake up earlier and look amazing.
  • Use products that smell great to you. Especially finishing products like hair spray or dry shampoo. The better they smell the more likely you are to use them regularly.
  • If you find yourself getting a little bored, just change it up. It is only hair after all!
Hair by: Devin Toth at Salon SCK using Kerastase products, model Cristina Nunez

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