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How to plan a girls’ night out, Fifty Shades of Grey style

If you think it would be awkward to sit next to your best girlfriends while watching steamy sex scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey, think again.

We’re all adults here, right? Go ahead and ogle Mr. Grey’s moves while sharing popcorn with your bestie. Just make sure you keep a healthy awesome-to-awkward ratio by following these tips for a Grey girls’ night out.

1. Grab your drinks

This goes without saying. Loosen up your inhibitions with a happy hour of your choice — either sip a favorite red wine on the patio before heading out, or head to a theater that blessedly serves adult beverages to thirsty patrons. Some theaters are even getting behind the craze by serving special Fifty Shades cocktails.

2. Pack an aphrodisiac snack

If you ate dinner before your night out on the town, give yourself and your friends a kickin’ dessert that takes care of two needs at once. A chili-laced chocolate bar should do the trick. The chocolate will satisfy your sweet tooth, and both the chocolate and chili are well-known aphrodisiacs for your return home at the end of the night.

3. Leave other hot items at home

This is not the time to show off your whips and chains. Leave ’em at home. There are some things it’s best not to know about your bestie.

4. Don’t be a purist

First of all, don’t be a puritan. Don’t giggle unnecessarily or hide your eyes if you feel awkward — you’re watching a movie about BDSM, and it’s OK. But even if you’re digging the whole BDSM thing, don’t be a purist, either. The movie will be different from the book, so don’t whisper, “Christian Grey totally spanked her differently in the book!”

5. Time a proper return

Go to a later showing if you have young children. Nothing will kill your Christian Grey buzz quite like coming home to a house full of toddlers who aren’t yet asleep.

6. Bring home a few gifts

Whether you bring home an actual gift or just your turned-on self, your partner at home will be thrilled that they helped you get a girls’ night out. Consider it positive reinforcement for the next time.

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