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7 Unapologetically Cheesy Valentine’s Day Gifts That Beat Being ‘Cool’

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little wine — and what’s a little wine without some cheese? OK, bad jokes aside, this is the holiday when it’s perfectly fine to go all-out corny, so do it up right with some super-cheesy DIY gifts.

Put on your crafting hat and get ready to get punny.

1. Globe valentine

Image: Made in a Day

Standard cards and candy are all right, but going the traditional route won’t be half as exciting or effective as a 3-D love letter! Let your sweetheart know how much you cherish them, with this adorable message on an upcycled globe.

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2. Classroom love

Image: Frenchie

Perfect for a classroom gift or a children’s party favor, these message-toting pencils are as sweet as Sunday mornings and summer vacation. Simply attach tags to these little tokens of love for the perfect V-Day gift for friends and classmates.

3. Explosive affection

Image: Cuckoo 4 Design

When it’s hard to find just the right words, don’t be afraid to go back to some favorites of the past, like this adorable framed ’90s tagline. Create your own loving message or copy this idea, and be sure to add an elegant frame.

4. Berry much in love

Image: The Casual Craftlete

Add an edible bonus to your sweet sentiments by imitating this clever gifter, and filling a berry basket with delicious V-Day treats, including a berry special note (pun obviously intended).

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5. Memorable moment

Image: The V Spot

For a sweet and silly way of displaying your feelings, try this hilarious Valentine’s art idea, using two retired spoons and a frame. Your S.O. will get a kick out of this craft, not to mention love it to pieces!

6. Sweet Valentine

Image: The Everyday Home

To give an original gift, you don’t have to think up something totally new; just come up with a new way to gift it, like these classic V-Day candies turned romantic wall art! Grab a bag and try this cheesy treasure yourself!

7. Pop in the name of love

Image: All Things G&D/Hometalk

Include an upcycled surprise in your Valentine’s Day gifts, with this homemade popper filled with treats, notes or whatever tiny treasures it can fit. With a perfectly corny catchphrase, these party favorites are sure to be a V-Day hit!

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

baking hacks
Image: Brandi Bidot/SheKnows

Originally published February 2015. Updated February 2017.

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