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Are Australians too lazy to take out their own rubbish?

We’ve all got our pet peeves around the house, but would you pay to have someone take out the bin for you?

Is it just laziness or are we truly far too busy working to have time to do some of the simplest things in our lives? Take putting the rubbish bin out for example. Bin day comes around one day a week and people are still concerned about the length of time it takes to take it from the yard to the kerb.

It sounds utterly ridiculous, but there must be a market for it, because Joe Drew and Amos Michael have created their own rubbish-to-kerb service called MyBins, but at least the business did come from altruistic beginnings.

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“Originally we decided to help elderly and disabled members of the community,” Drew told, saying that it was assisting people like his neighbour and grandmother, who had difficulties bringing out the rubbish themselves, that caused him to create the Sydney-based company.

But while their good intentions were initially to help the elderly and disabled, it turns out that 70 per cent of their market doesn’t fall into that category at all, but rather average households, apartment dwellers and businesses.

Why stop at putting the bin out? Why can’t there be a business that can locate the remote control when that goes missing? Or what about someone who comes over and finds all your missing socks, reunites them, rolls them neatly and puts them in your top drawer?

Before you know it, people will start hiring companies to collect their mail, unless that is already a thing, too.

What do you think? Is MyBin a great idea for those lacking time or just a sign that we’re getting lazier by the minute?

Image: Giphy/Real Housewives of New York

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