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Tony Abbott haters boycott #ImStickingWithTony hashtag

Amid today’s Liberal Party spill motion and the threat to Tony Abbott’s role as prime minister, the hashtag #ImStickingWithTony sprang up, but it was quickly taken over by Abbott’s haters. Hilarity ensued.

Image: Wikimedia/Scanyaro

At first, the hashtag #ImStickingWithTony signified the proclamation of alliance and support towards the nation’s much-criticised leader, Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Supporters were sharing words of encouragement despite the Liberal Party’s recent struggles in the polls and their loss of seats in both Victoria and Queensland, as well as credibility along the way.

But the noble cause of support didn’t last long, as the hashtag was overtaken by those who have been willing Tony out since he first came into power, as well as those who have recently had enough of his leadership.

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Instead of the hashtag showcasing why Prime Minister Abbott should retain his position, it became a funny, but ultimately embarrassing, look at some of his most infamous gaffes during his leadership and beyond.

Tony Abbott has since survived the spill, but the tweets are still coming in.

“#ImStickingWithTony because I missed the 1950s the first time around,” one Twitter user quipped.

“#ImStickingWithTony because gay muslim refugee Aborigines are trying to destroy the sanctity of Andrew Bolt’s right to marry free speech,” joked another.

Here are some of the best hacks of #ImStickingWithTony we’ve seen.

On women’s issues:

On the truth behind media and politics:

His political gaffes:

And a bit of cyber bullying in there for good measure:

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