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#DoingAnAbbott: Australia’s reaction to the PM on Twitter

Prime Minister Tony Abbott coined a new phrase, “doing an Abbott”, during a radio interview, but he probably didn’t expect it to go viral on Twitter and for all the wrong reasons.

#DoingAnAbbott: Australians react to Prime Minister on Twitter

Image: Wikimedia/Bidgee

Things aren’t looking too great for Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the minute, with his position as leader of the country under debate from his own party and the public.

After recent losses for the Liberal Party in both Victoria and Queensland, his unfortunate and ill-thought-out knighting of Prince Philip and with the question now arising about whether or not he’ll be booted from his position as PM, Abbott has certainly put his foot in it over the last few, well, forever.

Abbott has faced criticism about his sexist comments and his unfortunate gaffes in front of the media and during press conferences, as well as those cringeworthy winks when he thought no one was watching, but now his popularity is waning, with people using the term “doing an Abbott” to highlight everything they believe has gone wrong since he came into leadership.

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The first to publicly denounce Abbott from within his own party and suggest he step down is Liberal MP from Western Australia, Dennis Jensen, who said the PM no longer has his vote.

“On 23 January I texted him and said he no longer has my support, three days before Prince Philip,” Jensen told the Sydney Morning Herald. “I believe in being up front and honest about it. I know a number [of other MPs] feel similarly.”

Abbott coined the phrase “doing an Abbott” yesterday during an interview with radio host, Ray Hadley, and Twitter has since gone into overdrive, full of people using the hashtag #DoingAnAbbott to point out some of Abbott’s more infamous gaffes of the past.

Should we take bets? How long are you expecting Tony Abbott to keep his role as prime minister?

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