#WeDontWantMenOnTwitter: The Saudi women taking Twitter back

Saudi men are calling for girls to be banned from Twitter, but women are responding with memes, jokes and serious inquiry, responding with #WeDontWantMenOnTwitter.

We don't want men campaign springs up on Twitter

Image: UNICEF/Flickr

In a country where gender segregation is practised, some people in Saudi Arabia have called for the same inequality to be extended to the online world.

Women are not permitted to drive a car in Saudi Arabia and now, if some men could have their way, women wouldn’t be permitted to use online social networks like Twitter, either.

In just two days, an Arabic hashtag, which translates to “we don’t want girls on Twitter” received more than 400,000 mentions, says the BBC.

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But while the hashtag was initially used in support of getting girls off Twitter, in the end, it seems that it was used by women to joke and mock the tag, refusing to be segregated and marginalised online.

From there, a new hashtag sprang up, #WeDontWantMenOnTwitter, which hasn’t received quite as much attention as the original, but here’s hoping it gets a boost. These are just some of the comments from women fighting back online and claiming their place in society by means of social media.

“This is the person who started the hashtag,” this person tweeted.

Currently, Saudi women are required by law to wear a headscarf and loose black robes and need permission to pursue higher education or travel.

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