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The scariest selfies taken on the edge of Purling Brook Falls

Tourists are putting their lives in danger just to get the perfect selfie on the edge of Purling Brook Falls on the Gold Coast.

Tourists risk life at Purlingbrook Falls

Image: Wikimedia/MikeYoung

I love a good selfie just as much as the next person, but there is no way, no how, you’d catch me on the edge of Purling Brook Falls just so I could snap a photo of how much of a daredevil I am. Sure, put me in a harness, bolt me to the stone cliffs and I’ll canyon down the damn thing, but without any element of safety available to me, I wouldn’t even contemplate it.

Some tourists have been taking selfies and adventure snaps at the top of the falls, though, with authorities worrying about the potential dangers.

The Gold Coast Bulletin even published a series of photos of a family at the top of the falls with their toddler splashing about at the edge. One Springbrook resident told the Bulletin about how she’d witnessed people risking their own lives just to get a holiday snap.

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“There were two children playing on the edge, just splashing around. When someone splashes you, you can fall back,” one resident told the Bulletin. “It is like a selfie trend that is going off,” the resident said.

“What they are doing looks terrifying. When you go to the edge of the falls you can step down. They are taking photographs of their friends standing there looking up (at the water flowing down towards them). It’s crazy and it’s dangerous.”

Crazy and dangerous, indeed. Just take a look at some shots we came across on Instagram. What do you think? Are they putting their lives in danger to get the perfect shot?

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