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Social media sheds light on Sydney siege

A Lindt café in Martin Place, Sydney, is reportedly being held up by an armed man.

Lindt Cafe under siege

Image: Tammy Green/Wikipedia

More than 12 customers and employees are reportedly being held in a Sydney café where an Islamic flag was held up at the window, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The NSW Police are urging people to stay away from the area of Martin Place, arguably one of Australia’s busiest streets and the financial hub of the city, after officers were called to the café at 9:45 a.m.

Channel 7’s newsroom has been evacuated, with coverage resuming from their Melbourne offices. Little information about the situation is available to news outlets, with much of the information coming from social media, with passersby taking photos of the incident and then sharing them on Facebook and Twitter.

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that an Islamic flag, which is black with white writing on it, is being held against the glass. Hostages have also been seen holding their faces against the glass.

It has been horrifying to watch the events unfold and we can only hope that everyone comes out of the situation safely.

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