Blake Lively has perfected the simple summertime beauty routine

All eyes are on Blake Lively at the moment and it’s not just because of her growing baby bump. The star continues to be one of the most gorgeous gals in Hollywood and says it all comes down to her budget beauty routine.

The Daily Mail had a chat with actress, Blake Lively, about her no-fuss beauty routine this week, which is surprisingly low maintenance. Take a leaf from Lively’s beauty book and learn some budget tips to help you feel and look fabulous, just in time for summer, too, of course!

Curl those lashes

Blake Lively's beauty routine tips

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Lively says, with the help of her trusty makeup artists, she uses teaspoons to curl her lashes. “I like it when they curl my eyelashes using a spoon,” the mum-to-be said. “I mean, these people are artists and they accentuate your features like an artist paints on a canvas.”

Protect your skin

Blake Lively's beauty routine tips

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Instead of spending hours working on your tan at the beach, spare your skin and go for a fake tan instead. Your body will thank you for it. “Growing up in California, everyone always has a tan,” she says. “As I’ve matured, I realize that SPF is really important, as is a good bronzer.”

Say bye-bye to your conditioner

Blake Lively's beauty routine tips

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Lively says there’s nothing better than coconut oil to give her hair a gorgeous shine. Just grab some from the jar and massage it through the ends. “Before a good shampoo, I put coconut oil through the lengths and ends of my hair,” Lively says. “It makes it really shiny.”

Keep makeup to a minimum

Blake Lively's beauty routine tips

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Apply makeup sparingly, instead of caking on your foundation. We want our skin looking luscious and fresh. “I tend to be a bit glowy, a bit bronzy,” Lively told the Daily Mail. “Not too much base, so skin looks fresh and pretty. I like to play up my eyes and stick to rosy tones on my lips.”

Go to bed with wet hair

Blake Lively's beauty routine tips

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If you’ve ever been told that going to bed with your hair wet can be bad for your hair or even lead to catching a cold, Lively has a completely different story. She says going to bed with wet hair tied into a ballerina bun helps her achieve her signature tousled hair look. “I have naturally wavy hair so I’ll dry it where it’s still a little bit wet and then I’ll put it just in a ballerina bun and then when I take it out it has a really nice natural deep wave,” she said. “If you have any sort of natural bend in your hair, if you let it dry in that bun… make sure the bun is really tight then it will come out with really pretty waves.”

What do you think? Will you give any of Blake Lively’s beauty tips a try?

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