10 Reactions to Nick Cannon’s $2 millon shoes

Mariah Carey might be coming to Australia in November, but people are more concerned about what her estranged husband is wearing on his feet.

Nick Cannon, the host of America’s Got Talent, stepped out onto the stage for yesterday’s finale with diamond-encrusted Tom Ford shoes worth $2 million.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, the shoes feature more than 14,000 white diamonds wedged into white gold sheeting.

The shoes are even being reviewed by the Guinness Book of World Records as the “Most Valuable Pair of Shoes in the World”. Talk about fancy footwear!

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Founder of the jewellery company, Jason of Beverly Hills, Jason Arasheben created the shoes and says they took more than 2,000 hours of work and close to a year to come up with the finished product.

Cannon himself wasn’t perturbed by the responsibility that came with stepping into the brightest and most expensive shoes in the world. He shared videos and snaps on social media before taking to the stage.

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“Not very often do I get a request for the most expensive shoes in the world,” Arasheben said.

“When Nick approached me last year, he said he wanted to make history and be so over-the-top. He wanted to set a new standard in diamonds. ‘How can we make the most expensive pair of shoes in the world and make this finale special?’ he asked me.”

We think it’s safe to say Cannon’s wish was granted with this one. The shoes have everyone talking, too.


What do you think about Nick Cannon’s shoes? OTT or simply fabulous?

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