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ManServants? That does it, we’re moving to San Francisco!

Ladies, we’re moving to San Francisco, because it’s the land of deliciously good-looking men who are at the ready to fluff our pillows, pour us Champagne and do push-ups on command. We give you the ManServants.

Thanks to ManServants Co, women seeking male entertainment for bachelorette celebrations or pool parties no longer need to resort to muscled-up, baby-oil-smeared, crotch-flailing strippers. Instead, we have the ManServant. Here’s why we need one of our own.

1. The ManServant is the ultimate gentleman. He’ll take your selfies for you and even pick out the most flattering filter:

Man servant helping take a selfie via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

2. A stroll with the pram can quickly turn into a moment of pleasure. You’ll feel like you’re being pampered like a queen in no time:

Man Servant pushing pram and holding umbrella

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

3. Did we mention they do push-ups on command?

Man Servant doing pushups

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

4. Need some help with the housework? It’s done, and with a smile on their gorgeous faces:

Man Servants polishing floor via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

5. What about a page-turner while you’re having a bubble bath? No need to get your book or your iPad wet:

Man Servant turning tablet pages via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

6. A ManServant always knows when it’s time for a top-up:

Man servant topping up champagne via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

7. A ManServant also knows how to help you make a grand entrance:

 ManServants know how to make an entrance via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

8. And they’re always waiting with the best bottles of Champagne:

Move over strippers, Man Servants are in town! via SheKnows

GIF credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

Watch the full video here:

Video credit: YouTube/ManServantsCo

What would you have your ManServant do?

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