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How to pamper yourself like Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne is rock-star royalty, after all, so it’s no wonder that she’s gone for an edgy new look, adding a permanent addition to her new style. Take a look at what it takes to pamper yourself when you’re Kelly Osbourne.

1. Get some ink done

Kelly Osbourne recently stepped out on the red carpet with a hot new hairdo with shaved sides and a lavender quiff, but to top the look off, she’s had some ink done, too.

The tattoo says “Stories…” and is written in purple ink on the shaved side of her head.

We’re still trying to grapple with what the tattoo actually means. Is it a reminder not to be fazed by all those “stories” and rumours that float around about stars in Hollywood?

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Or, perhaps she just loves a good story before bedtime, as she lays her head down to rest.

Whatever the case, the 29-year-old seemed excited about her tattoo and shared this image with her followers on Instagram, thanking tattoo artist Dr. Woo and the Shamrock Social Club, “First member of the #ShamrockCrew,” she said.

2. Pay a visit to the salon

Nothing makes a girl feel fresh and vibrant quite like a visit to the hairdresser, and that’s exactly what Osbourne did last night. Claiming it was “time for a touch up”, Osbourne shared this image during her visit to her stylist.

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3. Get a manicure

Kelly Osbourne isn’t your regular French manicure sort of gal. When she gets her nails done, she goes for the wow factor. Osbourne shared this image of her brightly-painted new nails today, complete with multi-coloured coffins, along with the caption, “Thank you @mayayapple I love my manicure! You are the best!”

How do you pamper yourself?

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