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Hair inspiration from the stars

What’s the latest hair trend in Hollywood? Well, it’s all about colour, lots of it and as bold as possible. If you’re thinking it’s time for a colour change, take a tip from these celebrities and their bright styles.

1. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit: Judy Eddy/

She’s the youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, but she has got some serious style. Kylie Jenner has been sporting this coloured-tip look for months and we love the aquamarine green ends in this cropped, shoulder-length hairdo.

2. Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit: Ivan Nikolov/

Within just 24 hours, Nicole Richie went from having lavender-coloured hair to bright blue, then back to lavender. The fashion-forward celebrity isn’t one to shy away from bold colours, that’s for sure.

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3. Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit:

Sultry actress, Kristen Stewart, seems to like her new crimson-hued hair. It’s been dyed for a role in her latest flick, American Ultra, but, who knows, the style might just stick.

4. Delta Goodrem

Delta Goodrem and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit: Brian To/

Australian pop diva, Delta Goodrem, showed off her fun side during an appearance with the Chippendales in Las Vegas. The 29-year-old star looked darling with her pink tips. And, remember: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right, Delta?

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5. Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/

No-one rocks the lavender look quite like Kelly Osbourne. She gave her ‘do a bit of a refresher, dyeing it a darker tinge and going for a new cut. She shared a photo of the new look with her Instagram followers with the caption, “Here is one pic of my new hair cut!!! What do you guys think?” We love it!

6. Lily Allen

Lily Allen and bright celebrity hairstyles

Photo credit: Lia Toby/

U.K.’s bad-mouthed pop princess, Lily Allen, loves a bit of an experiment when it comes to her hair and fashion. Here she is with bright canary yellow streaks in her hair at this year’s Brit Awards.

Would you go for a drastic new colour? Let us know!

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