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Design bloggers show us their living rooms

If there’s anyone we should all be taking home design tips from, it’s a design blogger. Not only do they know the latest trends and insider tips, they’ve used the best ones on their own homes and then tell us all about it on their blogs. Take some tips from our favourite design bloggers as they invite us into their living rooms.

If you’re just about to step out to buy that new tin of paint, or you’re fishing for inspiration in the shiny pages of the latest IKEA catalogue, take some time out and look at how these bloggers are decorating their homes, then learn how to recreate the same look in yours.


Hip Brown Home

Hip brown homePhoto credit: Hip Brown Home blog

Brisbane local and the brains behind Hip Brown Home, Rachael Honner is an interior stylist and a design blogger. Not only does she share some great designer tips on Hip Brown Home, she also invites us to home in on our own creative skills.

“With a little know how, I believe a beautiful home is something that is accessible to everyone; it need not cost a fortune and I love to assist others in making this dream a reality,” she says on her blog.

Do you think that old wooden ladder you’ve got lying around in the garage is ready for the bin? Or perhaps that old jam jar is ready for the recycling bin? Take a tip from Honner and use recycled pieces to bring personality into your living spaces.

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“I simply planted the fern in a glass jar, used coloured sand in the very bottom for a little drainage and then packed in planting soil to surround the actual plant,” she explains about the plant hanging from the wall in her bright living room.

“I then used picture wire to wrap around the jar, twisted it several times and then made a loop so that it could be easily latched on to a wall hook.”

You can create a space just like Honner’s living room in your home; just follow her lead:

  • Use a recycled statement piece to add character to your living area.
  • Paint recycled pieces white to achieve a shabby-chic look.
  • Use plush pillows in soft hues to complement the feel of the room.
  • Hang framed prints to add colour to the space.

Honey and Fizz

Honey and Fizz

Honey and Fizz

Honey and Fizz first started out as an online scrapbook in which Simone Duckworth shared her inspirations and her happy memories as a wife and the mother to three growing boys.

The blog has quickly become a go-to guide for design inspiration, as Duckworth shares enviably-beautiful photos of her life and her family.

“I started this blog as my online diary of the wonderful moments in our life and also as a visual mood board of gorgeous houses, fantastic fashion, delicious recipes I want to try, dream travel destinations and anything else pretty that caught my eye,” says Duckworth.

Inspired by all things bright, the Sydney-based blogger also has an Etsy store where she sells her screen prints and framed creations.

If you’re inspired by Duckworth’s living room, like we are, here are some tips on how to create this look at home:

  • Invite colour into your home with beautiful throw pillows; bold patterns work great.
  • Use a throw rug with an interesting design.
  • Hang printed quotes to add personality and charm to the space.
  • Plants and flowers do wonders to bring a drab space back to life.
Honey and Fizz

Down That Little Lane

Our favourite design bloggers show us their living roomsPhoto credit: Down That Little Lane blog

Down That Little Lane isn’t just a design blog where Tessa White shares her design finds, it’s also a family-run store on the northern beaches of Sydney. A good rummage at an antique store on the weekend can make this blogger’s day.

“To this day we are still spending endless hours visiting little boutiques, pottering around quirky markets, and reading blogs, magazines and forums to find items we know you will love,” White says on the Down That Little Lane blog.

She loves helping people find just the right product to lighten up a room and is eager to inspire people on how to renovate a room to fit their life and their personality.

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“My specialty is gathering unusual gifts and home decor and my friends were always asking for recommendations,” says White as she explains the beginnings of her blog.

Her living room exudes some Old English charm with the Union Jack-printed pillow resting on one of the mismatched armchairs.

We love White’s understated sense of comfort and style. Here’s how you can get the cosy cottage feel in your living room at home:

  • Use mismatched furniture, either new or second-hand. You can always reupholster old furniture yourself.
  • Go on a treasure hunt at your local antique store or at a garage sale for unique finds.
  • Take a browse through Down That Little Lane’s online store.
  • Hang a large, colourful painting on the main wall; this will act as the stand-out feature in the room.
  • Create colour and drama with interesting light fixtures.
Down That Little Lane

Librarian Tells All

Our favourite bloggers show us their living roomsPhoto credit: Librarian Tells All blog

Jen Williamson is a librarian-turned-housewife from Nashville, Tennessee, and she is the creative woman behind design blog, Librarian Tells All.

“I’m an amateur interior design enthusiast with a passion for mixing antique and modern pieces. But I decorate on a shoestring budget, so I like hunting for treasures at bargain prices,” Williamson shares.

For this lover of eclectic style, design is all about having fun and mixing and matching the modern with the antiques; she’s a storyteller and her home is her canvas.

Inspired by a mid-century table she’d purchased, Williams decided it was time for a living room makeover.

“The mix of fun little oddities and open, uncluttered space make me happy,” she muses.

“I got rid of the ultra-modern rug. The dogs mistook it for a toilet one too many times, and I was relieved to see it go.”

If you’re fed up with your living room and are in love with Williamson’s, take a look at these points on how to achieve the same feel at home:

  • Use stand-out retro pieces like a half-moon chair or a colourful rug.
  • Frame old posters and hang them up together for added character and impact in the space.
  • If your design style is more on the quirky side, don’t shy away from interesting feature pieces, like Williamson’s dinosaur skeleton.
Librarian Tells All


Are you going to tackle one of these living room designs? Let us know how it turns out. Share in the comments below.

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