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20 Ways to make your life better

Life doesn’t have to be mediocre. It’s all about attitude. Embrace your Aussie ingenuity and individuality and get busy living a better life with our 20 helpful hints.


Nap hard

The quality of nap attacks is vastly improved with the use of an Ostrich Pillow, which is used to muffle sound, block light and support your neck. (That is Cool, $132)


Have a sense of humour

Photo credit: Andy Higgs via Flickr

Set out on a hilarious adventure to places with rude place names. Stay in Poo, Spain, go to Nob Hill, San Francisco, or stay closer to home in Tittybong, Victoria, or Swinger Hill in Canberra.


Cancel your gym membership

Adrenaline in short bursts of fear decreases the appetite and speeds the metabolic rate, so why not scare yourself thin? Watching Jack Nicholson’s The Shining will burn around a massive 184 calories.


Sing out loud

Photo credit: Gleno Photography

Start each morning with a rousing rendition of your favourite song. Music is said to improve both your mood and health.


Reach for the stars

Photo credit: Rebecca Siataga

With a bit of grit, determination and imagination, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to.


Increase your knowledge by being well-read

Photo credits: Bombproof Your Horse (Amazon, $22), A guide to understanding men: If you want closure in your relationship, start with your legs (Amazon, $12), Burt Reynolds Hotline: The letters I get and write (Amazon, $64), Italian Without Words (Amazon, $6)

Have eclectic reading tastes — it will make you even smarter than you think you are.


Create your own traditions

Photo credit: Jeanette’s Ozpix via Flickr

Have fun creating your own traditions. After all, who says Santa has to live at the North Pole and have all those reindeer?


Why walk when you can Segway?

Photo credit: Kate Elizabeth/ PostcardsFromYou via Flickr

Why work up a sweat walking in the sweltering Aussie heat when you can Segway with style? These are a great idea for carrying home your produce from the farmers market in your local area.


Know your limits

When you’re out on the town, know your limits so you don’t end up looking as messy as Big Baz, Featherdale Wildlife Park’s iconic kangaroo.


Realise everyone has bad hair days

Photo credit: Lisa Ridings, Fantommst via Flickr

Some hair days are better than others. Instead of stressing, learn to love it and avoid mirrors.


Take time to chillax

Don’t forget to take time to relax, whether it’s a yoga class or just 5 minutes to sit down and do nothing.


Understand it’s okay to have cheat days

Letting loose with a chocolate fountain is every girl’s fantasy because women cannot live on lettuce leaves alone.


Explore new places

Expand your horizons and take a well-deserved break somewhere fabulous. It doesn’t have to be Cuba, but exploring a new culture and country will help you appreciate those little things about home you take for granted.

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Be adventurous

Photo credit: Neils Photography via Flickr

Try something you’ve never eaten before. The Roadkill Cafe at Darwin Markets is a good place to start. Anyone for possum?


Have at least one best friend

Anzac the kangaroo and Peggy the wombat were saved by the Wildlife Rescue Centre in Victoria and soon became besties. It doesn’t matter who you are, everyone needs at least one BFF.


Be anything but normal

Photo credit: Sally Nakad

There’s nothing more boring than being normal. The weirder you are, the more interesting and crazy life will be.


Don’t believe everything you hear

Photo credit: Possumgirl2 via Flickr

Believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you can see — great advice from author Edgar Allan Poe.


Think outside the box

Photo credit: Olli Kareranen

This swimming pool was made using a dumpster and a tarp. The genius behind this idea didn’t need lots of money to build a swimming pool, just a little creativity and the ability to improvise.

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Try something new

When trying out new extreme activities, like the stationary luge, don’t forget to wear the correct safety gear.


Fake it till you make it

Smiling even when you don’t feel like it can trick your body into thinking you’re not stressed and lowers your heart rate.

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