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Star Wars-inspired clothing that you can actually wear

New York Fashion Week is always full of suprises and this year the biggest surprise of all was the line of Star Wars-inspired designs by Rodarte. Sadly, the playful gowns that debuted on the runway aren’t for sale, so we’ve scoured high and low for Star Wars fashions because no wardrobe is complete without a little geek chic.


Artoo 2.0 dress

R2D2 Dress

“Bleep bleepy bloop-doo-dee.” If you speak fluent droid, you’ll know this means this hot little number is a limited-edition dress and is just perfect when you’re hunting for your very own lifelong companion — C-3P0. (Black Milk Clothing, $95)


Chewie costume hoodie

Chewie costume hoodie

“RRRAARRWHHGWWR” is wookiee for we love this. Super cosy for winter, this Chewie hoodie, complete with bandolier, will drive your friends to jealousy. (ThinkGeek, $50)


Ewok dress

Ewok dress

“Ee choya, Treeta Dobra.” If you speak Ewokese, you’ll know exactly what we mean. (Black Milk Clothing, $95)


Art Nouveau Leia dress

Leia dress

This dress depicts Princess Leia’s golden bikini scene from Return of the Jedi. (Black Milk Clothing, $95).


Death Star dress

Death star dress

The Death Star was a super weapon, just like you will be when you hit the town in this The Empire Strikes Back-inspired dress. (Black Milk Clothing, $95)


Stormtrooper dress

Storm trooper dress

Cause a storm when you walk in the room by wearing this stunning Stormtrooper print dress.(Black Milk Clothing, $95).


Darth Vader dress

Darth Vader dress

The force is strong when you embrace your dark side with this A-line flared dress. (ThinkGeek, $10)


Chewbacca tank top

Chewbacca tank top

Hitting the town solo? This sleeveless Wookiee tank top could be a great conversation starter. (SuperHeroStuff, $28)


Chewbacca slippers

Chewbecca slipers

These Chewie slippers are cute enough to make you yell “Ruh gwyaaaag”. The cooler months won’t be complete without a pair. (SuperHeroStuff, $35)


The Old Republic Ven Zallow tee

One republic tee-shirt

Embrace your inner Jedi Master with this lightweight cotton T-shirt. (Jinx, $10)


Rogue Squadron tunic top

Rogue tunic

Join the Rogue Squadron so you can pretend you’re part of the Rebel Alliance. This tunic top comes complete with a helmet hoodie. (ThinkGeek, $18)


Princess Leia hoodie

Princess Leia hoodie

You’ll have no trouble finding your own Han Solo in this gorgeous Leia hoodie. It has everything you need, including the doughnut hairstyle. (ThinkGeek, $50)


Darth Vader hoodie

Darth Vader hoodie

This Darth Vader hoodie is the perfect gift for your bloke. Dress up like Princess Leia and he can yell “Who’s your daddy?” (Amazon , from $40)


Wookiee infant onesie

W is for Wookiee onesie

Your little bubba doesn’t have to miss out on being geek chic with this cute infant bodysuit. (Amazon , $18)


Millennium Falcon skirt

Mellenium falcon skirt

A tight-fitting pencil skirt featuring the iconic Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing. The ultimate wardrobe staple for the Star Wars fangirl. (Her Universe, $25)


Naboo earrings

Naboo earrings

Stylish earrings fit for Naboo royalty, complete with the Naboo symbol, will add glamour to any Star Wars outfit. (Her Universe, $25)


Lightsaber earrings

Light sabre earrings

Unfortunately, these lightsaber earrings are too small to glow, but they’re still super cute and geeky. (Think Geek, $10)


Star Wars knee-high socks

Knee high socks

Forget to shave your legs or have the perfect skirt that needs a little pep? These R2D2 socks will be perfect. (Think Geek, from $7)

Yoda leggins

Funky leggings to take you from summer to autumn >>


Yoda and Luke leggings

Dress these leggings up with boots or team them with slippers on one of those days when you just want to slouch around the house. (Amazon, $20).

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