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Why the Queen offered Kate Middleton a makeover

Kate Middleton has been ordered to take style tips from the Queen? We’re not so sure about this one!

Kate Middleton offered fashion tips by the Queen

She made pregnancy look like an elegant walk in the park, with her floral gowns and opaque dresses in which she looked beautiful and regal, so we’re surprised to hear the Queen wants to give Kate Middleton a “subtle but significant regal makeover” before her trip to Australia in April.

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So, what changes can we expect to see from the Duchess?

Kate Middleton takes fashion advice from the Queen

Take it down a notch

The Daily Mail reported that the Duchess’ hemlines will be lowered so she looks more royal. Apparently, Middleton’s dresses are showing too much skin for the Queen’s liking, so that means there will be no more dresses above the knee. Middleton has also been advised to move away from the pretty day dress, too, and move into something more elegant and sophisticated.

Kate Middleton takes fashion advice from the Queen

A bit more bling

The Duchess’ hair always looks fantastic, but now the Queen says she wants to see her wear tiaras and bigger jewels. Basically, she wants the Duchess to show off some bling; she is royalty after all, and she might as well pull out all the stops.

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Kate Middleton takes fashion advice from the Queen

The stylist

Just to make sure the Duchess stays on track with her fashion choices, she now also has her own personal stylist. Well, she’ll be sharing the Queen’s actually. Angela Kelly, the Queen’s personal stylist of 20 years, is going to be heading to Australia with the Duchess to give the 32-year-old style tips and assistance throughout the trip. And assistance she will need, because Middleton will be expected to go through four dress changes each day during her three-and-a-half-week Aussie trip.

What do you think about these changes to Kate Middleton’s style?

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