10 Apps for busy women

Life is chaotic. So why not make it easier with some of these fab apps for girls on the go? Here are our top 10.

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Organize with apps

Get organised this new year

Life is chaotic. So why not make it easier with some of these fab apps for girls on the go? Here are our top 10.



Todoist Logo

The ultimate app for your inner list-maker, Todoist allows you to create delightfully-labelled, colour-coded and effortlessly-manageable task lists. The app also synchronises your tasks across all your devices — your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop so that your lists stay up-to-date. (Price: free)



Fitocracy Logo

Fitocracy appeals to your geek streak by turning your fitness goals into a game. Like other fitness apps, you can track your goals with performance graphs, yada yada yada. But with Fitocracy, activities earn you points that, in turn, lead to level-ups. You can even slap other Fitocracy users with the proverbial velvet glove and challenge them to a duel. There’s also a robot named FRED. (Price: free)

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Pocket Logo

Next time you come across an interesting article, video — or pretty much anything — from the web, put it in Pocket. Once you’ve saved the content to Pocket, it’ll be visible on any device and can even be viewed offline. Best of all, the app strips articles of all those annoying banner ads so that they’re easier to read. (Price: free)



Everynote Logo

This dynamite app can help keep the busiest life on track. With Evernote, you can save entire webpages with the web clipper, create and keep your notes and to-do lists at your fingertips, store photos and audio, share your notes with friends and keep your scanned travel documents in one place. The app also syncs with your computer, phone, tablet and the web to make everything easily accessible on all your devices. (Price: free)



Ziplist Logo

Browse over 1.3 million recipes from the web’s best food websites (like Martha Stewart and Skinnytaste) and add the ingredients directly to your shopping list. ZipList even lets you know if you may already have common ingredients, such as salt, in your pantry. The app can be used online or on your phone and will save you a heap of time on that tedious weekly grocery shop. (Price: free)



FlipBoard Logo

Stay connected with the news and amazing things that are happening around the world with Flipboard. Tell Flipboard the news topics (and publications) that interest you, and have the daily news transformed into a magazine for your reading pleasure. The Flipboard feed can also be used for your social media accounts, so you can see your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr in a magazine-style format. You can even save things you like to your own “magazines”. (Price: free)



Mint Logo

Mint is an easy-to-use app that helps you stay on top of your finances. Mint organises your spending into categories (for example, rent, clothes, coffees) and creates easy-to-read charts to show you where your money goes. You can also set goals for your finances and get some simple tips and advice for achieving these (along with some gentle reminders). Mint will also create a budget tailored for your lifestyle and will keep you on top of things with email and mobile alerts and bill reminders. (Price: free)



Tripit Logo

Organise all those confusing booking confirmation emails and e-tickets into one place with TripIt. Just forward your confirmation emails to plans@tripit.com and this genius app will build you an itinerary that you can access any time, online or from your mobile device. You can also add maps, directions or travel notes to your itinerary, and share your itinerary with family and friends. TripIt Pro even lets you know if your airfare is eligible for a refund and alerts you about gate changes, flight delays and cancellations. (Price: free for TripIt or a 30-day free trial then $49/year for TripIt Pro)

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LifeTick Logo

LifeTick is the perfect app to help you achieve those New Year’s resolutions. Start by defining your core values (such as career, health or lifestyle) and then create tasks and reminders that will set you on the road to achieving these. If you want to see how you’re travelling, just check your visual chart. Share goals with family and friends and invite other users to support you. You can even create a bucket list of bigger dreams that you can one day convert into goals. (Price: free 14-day trial, then $49 for one year)


Buddhify 2

Buddhify Logo

The ultimate meditation app for women on the go, Buddhify aims to teach you mindfulness while you’re going about your daily life. The app contains guided meditation tracks for activities, like travelling on the train, browsing online and being at work. Measure how you’re doing, time your meditation and read tips on optimising your mindfulness. (Price: $1.99)

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