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Beauty SOS: Party season survival guide

With endless soirees, late nights and canapes, the party season can take a toll on your appearance. But it doesn’t have to: Follow these beauty tips to keep your skin in tip-top condition and looking refreshed all summer long.

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Party tricks

When you’ve RSVP’d to a month’s worth of parties, chances are you’ll be breaking out the makeup bag more than usual. The key to looking fresh and glowy all night is a solid base, so invest in a primer and powder. Primer ensures foundation doesn’t absorb into your skin, while powder “sets” your makeup in place. If you’re battling puffy eyes or dark circles, add a concealer to your toolkit.

Always remove your makeup

Speaking of makeup, always, always remove it before you go to bed. Along with a good skin care regimen, this is the way to counteract dull, party-pooped skin during the festive season. To ensure your complexion doesn’t suffer, use a cleanser every morning and night, followed by a toner, serum and moisturiser. If you’re too exhausted to care, at least use a cleansing wipe before falling into bed.

Top tip:

Avoid blue, pink and glittery eye makeup, as they draw attention to tired eyes. Opt for brown and taupe eye shadows instead.

Eat before you meet

Christmas parties and end-of-year drinks are notorious for their gluten and fat-laden canapes. If you want to fit into your party frock, eat a small meal at home — think chicken with brown rice and steamed vegies — and steer clear of the waiters serving up tempting treats. If you do decide to indulge, chew slowly and sip on peppermint tea when you get home to beat the bloat.

Go easy on the alcohol

It’s fine to enjoy a glass of bubbly or two, but try not to go overboard with your alcohol consumption. It will make your skin look lacklustre and will put you on struggle street the following day. No, thanks! Follow the age-old rule of drinking a glass of water in between each wine, and choose a tipple with low sugar content, like vodka soda. Oh, and once you pick a drink, stick with it — mixing drinks won’t do your stomach (or hangover) any favours.

Say yes to water


Sure, it may not be the most exciting drink on the menu, but water is your ultimate weapon when you’re party-hopping. H20 hydrates your skin from the inside out, which keeps your skin looking lush and radiant. For bonus points, sip on herbal teas during the day. Think of them as water with benefits: Green and ginger tea will rev up your metabolism, while peppermint and chamomile will do wonders for your digestive system.

Prep your meals


Though time seems to speed up during the silly season, it’s important to continue to eat fresh, healthy meals. Set aside your Sunday afternoon for packing snack bags with cut-up vegies and nuts, and preparing a few easy-to-heat-up dishes. If you want to win the “most organised” award, set up an ongoing online shopping order so your fruit, vegies and protein get delivered straight to your door every week.

Top tip:

Load up on antioxidant-rich, skin-loving foods like blueberries, pomegranate and walnuts.

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Take your vitamins

The silly season is not the time to skimp on supplements! Keep your immune system and energy levels on track by popping vitamins C and B daily. Throw milk thistle in the mix if you’ve had a big night — it helps to gently detox the liver. Finally, give yourself a leg up in the beauty department by taking fish or flaxseed oil. These “good” oils will bring your glow back, guaranteed.

Work out your workouts

Whether you need an adrenalin boost or a dose of relaxation, exercise is the answer. Try to move your body first thing in the morning so that it’s out of the way before you can make excuses. If you’re partied out, opt for a brisk walk, swim or yoga class — preferably outside in the fresh air. If you’ve got a little more energy, sign up for your favourite cardio class. Follow up with a sauna and some dry body brushing and you’ll be ready for the next stop on the social calendar.

See a pro

If you’ve got a lunch break to spare, treat your complexion to some professional TLC. Oxygen facials are fantastic pick-me-ups, while deep tissue massages release tension and soothe your tired body.

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