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Keeping it natural with makeup

Sure, we all love to wear a bit of makeup. We feel gorgeous and look gorgeous when we pamper ourselves and get all dolled up. But we can look just as gorgeous by keeping it natural. Take a look at some of these easy and natural-looking makeup ideas that will give you that fresh-faced natural glow.

Woman putting on make-up

Blushing beauty

If you’re using a light foundation, then you want to keep your blush and contouring light too. But use something with a bit of colour to give your face an extra bit of oomph. Don’t forget to contour by sweeping your brush in the outline of a three from your temple, below your cheekbone and then just under your jawline. It’ll create depth and add colour to your face.

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Luscious lips

Keep it simple with gloss. You don’t want to overdo it with the lippy during the warmer seasons, right? So try a nude colour with some gloss for when you go out at night or just use a lip gloss with a hint of colour during the day. Keep your lips moist and hydrated by using a great lip moisturiser so when those truly hot or windy days roll around, you won’t need to use anything on your lips and they’ll look as supple as ever.

Supple skin

Keep your skin hydrated, moisturised and glowing by drinking plenty of water. You might even want to use something like Bio Oil which will even out your skin tones and reduce redness. And during the day, instead of using a heavy foundation, simply use a tinted moisturiser in the morning, with SPF protection, of course, and your skin will look gorgeous.

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Skin care routine

Now, ladies, don’t forget to maintain a good beauty routine to keep your skin looking radiant. The more you look after your skin, the less makeup you’ll actually have to use during the day. Have a regular cleansing, toning and moisturising routine and be sure to exfoliate as well. Of course, don’t forget to wash your face in the morning and each night, too. Being lazy when it comes to skin care can lead to breakouts, so stay on top of it and your face will thank you for it.

Long lashes

For those with tiny, wispy lashes, it’s hard to keep up with the mascara during summer. It runs and it clumps. My secret is to use a curler or get your lashes done. That way, your lashes will look long and luscious without even a bit of makeup. And if you are getting your lashes done, don’t worry about them looking over the top, your beauty therapist can trim them to the length you like. They’ll look plump, natural and make your eyes pop. Perfect for days at the beach when you still want to look your best.

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