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Top 10 Instagramers from around the globe

There’s no denying you can lose hours on Instagram looking at pretty pictures. But if you’re not prepared to lose a few more, you’d best look away because we’ve rounded up our top 10 Instagramers from around the world. From fashion, art, food and beauty to just everyday cool, these guys are a must-follow.




@leesamanta instagram photo

This Malaysian mum is making waves on Instagram with her amazing child-oriented food art. Follow her for images of bento presented as everything from superheroes to Pikachu. Trust us, food has never looked this cute.




jeannadamas instagram photo

We love the effortlessly chic snaps by Paris-based fashion blogger Jeanne Damas. Her feed features everything from fashion to food to photo shoots. Sure, you may not be able to read her blog — it’s written in French — but you can still steal some style inspiration from her Instagram pics. And did we mention her cat (a regular guest star) is really cute too?




mustafaseven istagram photo

As unbelievable as it may seem, Mustafa Seven’s arresting images of daily life in Istanbul are all taken on a camera phone. In a 2012 HuffPost interview, the documentary photographer said, “In the beginning, my friends who are working as professional photographers [made fun of] the shots that are taken with camera phone. After a while they all became Instagram users, because they were eyewitnesses of my Instagram story.” Enough said.




polychava instagram photo

As could be expected from the Style & Social Editor at Elle Thailand, Ploy Chava’s Instagram feed is chock-full of cheery fashion eye candy. Look out for floral headpieces, Chanel shoes, stripey pants and, of course, the super-stylish Ploy herself.




miraduma instagram photo

With over 300,000 Instagram followers, Miroslava Duma is a pint-sized fashion force to be reckoned with. Based in Moscow, this style icon is a freelance writer, former Harper’s BAZAAR Russia editor and founder of Russian fashion website Buro 24/7. Her photos are an ode to her sense of style and enviable ability to make outfits work.




pauluvella instagram photo

This Aussie air conditioner mechanic is also an Instagram sensation (and we love it!). Paul Vella’s artsy shots have earned him over 200,000 followers, so it’s not surprising that he was selected as one of the high-profile Instagramers to take part in Hamilton Island’s Ultimate Instameet social media campaign. Check out his feed for some striking images of Australian beaches, animals, underwater vistas and cityscapes.




Woman wearing fur coat

Want to master that oh-so-hard-to-achieve-effortlessly-laid-back look (and drool over some amazing clothes while you’re at it)? Check out the Instagram feed of Swedish fashion blogger and Fashion Director at STYLEBY magazine, Elin Kling. From casually fabulous street style to casually fabulous food, Kling’s Instagram is a must-follow.




MikeKus instagram photo

We love the artsy landscape photos taken by U.K.-based graphic/web designer and illustrator Mike Kus. Looking at his feed is like opening one of those glossy coffee table travel books: beautifully captured country scenes, historical buildings and moody images of city life. Kus’ visual perspective is unique, whether it be angling a striking shot of a cathedral or capturing an image passing through a tunnel during his walk to the train station. Kus turns everyday scenes into something extraordinary.




Shoes, purse, hat and apple

Prepare to lose some serious time browsing through the Instagram snaps of Eva Chen, editor-in-chief of Lucky magazine. This New Yorker’s photos are a delicious mix of makeup, nail art, skin care, shoes, flowers and handbags (not to mention the occasional shot with Donatella Versace). All in a day’s work, right?


New Zealand


digbyvanwinkle photo

We could have included a fashionista here, or a landscape photographer. But instead we’ve chosen Digby Van Winkle. Why? Well, firstly because of his name. And secondly, because we promised you “everyday cool” and Digby is a Griffon from Wellington who’s blind in one eye but has some serious fashion sense. And really, who can resist a dog in a dinosaur outfit, or glasses, or a bear costume? We kind of want to reach through our screens and squeeze his face. Seriously.

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