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Tips and tricks for the toughest kitchen messes

Your kitchen is the heart of your home: It’s the space where you bake with your kids, chat with girlfriends and catch up on your day with your family as you cook dinner. As a result, your kitchen is a hive of activity that can be difficult to keep clean! So just how do you tackle those tough kitchen stains and messes?

Woman scrubing kitchen

When food preparation, cooking, baking and cleaning all take place in the same area, it’s only natural for that area to become a little messy from time to time.

For the most part, a bit of regular maintenance is all it takes to keep your sinks clean and your benchtops clutter-free. Quick and attentive actions such as wiping down surfaces with a soft cloth and all-purpose cleaner after food preparation, or washing dishes or stacking the dishwasher immediately after a meal, will help to maintain a clean kitchen.

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But what about those tougher kitchen messes: the baked-on grease marks around your stove, the food stains on your countertops and the sticky cupboard handles that smell of last Sunday’s orange juice?

To tackle these tougher kitchen clean-ups, try some of the following tips and tricks:

Remove a benchtop beetroot stain

Using an appropriate stain removal product is your best bet, but there’s an old wives’ tale you can also try: Apparently, if you soak a slice of white bread in water and place it over the stain, it can draw out the juice and lighten the stain.

De-grease a stove top and range hood

Your stove top and range hood cop the brunt of the worst kitchen messes as they’re where splattered fat and stir-fry spills meet baked-on grease spots and watermarks from over-boiled pots. Your best defence against these types of epic clean-ups is to wipe up the mess as soon as it happens. However, if you find yourself attacking built-up grease, grime and stains, you may need to grab a steel wool pad and a good quality cleaner and get scrubbing!

Cleanse cupboards of sticky fingers

Juice, yoghurt, ice cream, tomato sauce… these sweet, sticky foods and sauces are favourites with kids whose tiny little fingers can work their way into every crevice of a kitchen cupboard. Alongside the kitchen sink’s taps, your pantry and cupboard handles are handled often, making them giant conduits for germs and bacteria. Attack this kitchen hazard by vigorously wiping down handles with a cleansing disinfectant and a soft, clean cloth to help keep germs at bay.

Disinfect a bacteria-filled sink

You may not be able to easily see the unhygienic germs and bacteria that fill your sink, but you can rest assured that they’re there — and they multiply by the billion! Aim to wipe your sink down with disinfectant at least once at the end of every day, and keep your kitchen sponge clean by wetting it thoroughly and microwaving it on high for a minute or two.

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