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5 Things you shouldn’t do to your skin during winter

The winter weather can be harsh enough on your skin without you changing your skin care routine to try and compensate. Make sure you don’t make these common winter skin care mistakes.

Winter skincare

Skip wearing sunscreen

We often think that sunscreen is only necessary when the sun is shining and the temperatures are high. However, this is one common winter skin care habit you want to break. Harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage your skin even on a cloudy day.


Forget to exfoliate

Dry skin is a common winter complaint; all the more reason to exfoliate your face and body during the winter season. Dry skin can clog your pores and lead to breakouts or dry flaky skin. If you’re concerned about exfoliating sensitive skin then follow the advice of experienced dermatologist Dennis Gross, MD. He recommends those with sensitive skin gently exfoliate with products that contain alpha and beta hydroxy acids.


Focus on oil-free products

It can be hard for some people to even consider putting oil-based products on their face as they believe this will cause unsightly breakouts. However, if you choose the right types of oils — natural or essential oils instead of mineral oils — your skin will thank you for it, especially if you tend to suffer from dry skin during winter. Skin care products with natural oils can make your skin look and feel smoother and plumper.

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Neglect the lip balm

Cold weather and wind can also damage the delicate skin of our lips. Get into the habit of using lip balm every day, whether it’s under lip gloss or simply worn on its own. Choosing a balm with products like shea butter helps to protect lips as well as heal dry or damaged skin. Balms with an oil or wax base only act as a barrier and don’t actually nourish your lips like natural lip balms do.


Ignore your feet and legs

You may keep those legs and feet covered up for most of the winter months, but that’s no reason to neglect caring for them. Regular exfoliation and moisturising of your feet and legs keeps them looking and feeling great. Dry winter skin doesn’t just affect our face, so keep up with the beauty routine on your whole body. Come summer time, your feet and legs will be looking great.

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