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How to make a memory quilt

Do you have a special someone you want to remember? A plethora of baby clothes you’re not sure what to do with? Why not make your very own memory quilt — it’s easier than you think and will keep those memories for a lifetime.

Simple memory quilt

It’s funny how clothes acquire their own unique history. Baby clothes and blankets seem to keep their newborn smell, favourite t-shirts and jumpers are worn into wearable softness and jeans that last through seasons seem to hold the shape of loved ones.

Making a memory quilt is a great way to keep some of your old favourites near. Whether it’s made from your baby’s first jumpsuits, your teenager’s favourite t-shirts or a loved one’s cherished items, with a few hours up your sleeve, a sewing machine and the ability to sew in a straight line you can own your very own quilt to cuddle up with this winter.

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You don’t need too much fancy equipment — just a pair of scissors, a few old pieces of clothing and a sewing machine — and you don’t need to bother with basting and binding. This memory quilt is perfect for beginners and is budget-friendly too, so if you’ve always wanted to make your own quilt it’s time to get started.

Simple memory quilt


  • Scissors
  • A quilter’s ruler (handy, but not essential — a straight ruler will do)
  • Clothing to make enough 6-centimetre squares for the size of blanket you want to make
  • Flannel or an old sheet to use as backing
  • Sewing machine
  • Thread to match your blanket
  • Pins



From each item of clothing, cut as many 6-centimetre squares as you can. Try to keep any logos or images intact and try to cut the squares with the natural grain of the fabric.

Simple memory quilt


Once you have cut out all the squares, arrange them on a table to suit your fancy.

Simple memory quilt


Pin the squares together to form rows, then sew each square in the row to its neighbour to form a long strip.

Simple memory quilt


When all the rows have been sewn together, sew each row to its neighbour to finish the front of your blanket

Simple memory quilt


Turn the front of the blanket over and place it on the large piece of backing material so the fronts of both pieces are faced together. Pin around the edges then cut off any excess, leaving a 2-centimetre seam around all the edges.

Simple memory quilt


Sew around each edge, leaving a medium gap at the bottom of the quilt. Turn the quilt inside out and sew up the gap to finish it. You may want to hand stitch the gap to get a neater finish.

Simple memory quilt


Finally, sew a straight line around the entire edge of your quilt about 1 centimetre from the border. This will finish your quilt off nicely without needing to bind it.

Simple memory quilt

A memory quilt is a wonderful gift for a child, a loved one or a grandparent. Or make one for yourself as a lasting memory of someone you hold dear.

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