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Eye makeup for every age group

They say your eyes are the window to your soul, but if your eyes aren’t at their beauty best you don’t feel great. Enhancing your eyes can be one of the trickiest beauty tasks to master with countless products and colours available and the need for a steady hand.

Woman applying eye makeup

However, where you really need to start exercising extra caution and applying trick products is as you age and the skin tone and texture around your eyes start to change.

Don’t worry though, SheKnows has spoken to an expert and there are plenty of hot tips to make the most of your pretty peepers.

Endless options in your 20s

Katty Perry's bold eye makeup

International hair and makeup artist to celebrities, Dale Dorning from PROOF Cosmetics, encourages women in their 20s to get crazy and experiment with their eye makeup.

“This age group is spoilt for choice from powders, creams, kohls and colour. The trick is to keep vivid colours to the lower free-moving lid,” said Dorning.

You can even play around with trend colours. Dorning recommends that, “Coloured liners in blues to purples are fashion forward and fun. Shimmery shadows with double coats of mascara keep you looking cool and age-appropriate.”

“Try coloured mascaras also — your 20s is the time to use these. You will get the accent and not look like an 80s throwback,” said Dorning.

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Adding base in your 30s

Reese Witherspoone's soft, smokey eyes

By the time women hit their 30s they tend to know what works for them and have their favourite brands and products.

Dorning recommends that this is the age when women should start adding in some trick products.

“An eye primer is a must to ‘grip’ shadows and keep them in place, which means no fallout under the eye. Gel shadows are also a great investment as they can be used alone or as a base,” said Dorning.

Eye makeup that has a matte finish is also a beautiful style for women in their 30s and the classic smokey eye is always a winner.

“I love a shimmer/matte mix to achieve light and depth when you blur and blend makeup above the socket for a seamless finish. Smokey eyes look polished and accented with a hint of gold in the inner corner of they eyes,” adds Dorning.

“Reflective, soft shimmery hues still work on the lower lid to maximise the space and give a glint to the eyes. Invest in quad eye shadow palettes to ensure the finish looks dimensional and expertly applied.”

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Flash the lashes in your 40s+

Julia Roberts' bold lashes

Once you hit your 40s many women aim to use makeup tricks that give their eyes more lift and vitality.

Dorning has just the tip to get your eyes sparkling and it actually involves ditching the eye shadows.

“This is the age where you should maximise a great brow shape and get the most out of your lashes,” said Dorning. “This approach minimises the amount of products loaded onto the eye.”

He recommends framing the eyes by using a “soft matte powdery chocolate pencil” that has been “sketched along the top lash line and sealed with a corresponding matte powder.”

To apply the liner just perfectly, Dorning recommends you, “Start at the outer half of the eyelid to create a slight upward angle and make the line paper thin as you get to the inner corners of the eye. This trick gives the eye a natural-looking lift and won’t make your eyes look too ‘done’ or dark.”

To ensure gentle application that won’t tug on the skin, Dorning suggests you try using a soft semi-waterproof pencil.

And if you really aren’t convinced about ditching the eye shadow, Dorning recommends you, “Opt for soft matte textures in taupes and soft gingers. They will create a soft defined effect. Follow up with mascara on curled lashes.”

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