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5 Steps to creating the perfect base

The biggest secret to having beautiful makeup is making sure that you create the perfect base. From prepping your skin to using the right products, every step will ensure your face is picture perfect.

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International makeup artist to the stars (including Delta Goodrem) and CEO of PROOF Cosmetics, Dale Dorning, shares some tips and tricks for the perfect look.


Yes, this beauty product really is a “must have” and it isn’t time consuming. Adding this small step can give your makeup that lasting touch.

Dorning says, “Primers have their place, used only where you need them i.e. forehead, nose, etc. Basically [use a primer] where makeup tends to wear off quickly. Look for a primer as you would a moisturiser — some primers have mattifying properties, others have silicone to give you a second skin.”

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Tinted moisturiser

Dorning has confessed a small trick to SheKnows, saying everyone should “try my trick of mixing half moisturiser to half foundation, and apply as you would a moisturiser.”

He promises that “this mix infuses the skin with moisture, protection and colour, ultimately limiting the amount of foundation you have to wear.”

Tinted Moisturiser



Everyone knows the importance of using a good foundation product, however, did you know that you should only be applying it where you need it, not all over your face? That’s right, just use it on your face where you need to even out your skin tone.

In fact, you could even have two foundations on hand that match certain tones within your complexion, and create one smooth face.

When purchasing such a product, Dorning says, “Test your foundation on your décolletage; this is your ‘exterior colour’ (outside of the face). The ‘interior’ is also known as the T-zone where you need a slightly lighter shade. Having two shades means you can also mix between seasons.”

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This is the saviour of every woman who is busy, tired and in need of a quick beauty pep-up. Dorning recommends you use concealer where needed, but in particular over dark, puffy eyes.

“Under the eyes I like to use a dense but creamy concealer (ensure you have prepped under the eyes with a dot of eye crème as this makes the product glide on and prevents it from settling into lines),” Dorning says, “Or add a pinhead-sized dot of eye crème to your concealer to customise.”




There are actually many powders on the market now, from sheer coverage products to all-in-one powder foundations.

If you are using the foundation and finishing powder combo, Dorning says you should use “… colourless and triple milled powders.” He suggests you run your fingers through the powder and find one that feels silky and refined. Dust it over areas that are prone to grease, such as mid-forehead and the sides of your nose.

If, however, you prefer a powder foundation, Dorning cautions that “they are great when applied over the top of a tinted moisturiser,” but shouldn’t be used with liquid or stick foundations as “it will look mask-like and will give way too much coverage.”

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