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Changing your hairstyle: Dos and don’ts

There’s no better time to update your ‘do than at the beginning of a new cooler season, when a fresh hairstyle can breathe life into tired, sun-damaged locks! Before you hit the hairdresser, however, consider these expert dos and don’ts for updating your look.

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Do: Take baby steps

Updating your look doesn’t have to be drastic, so you may want to start by opting for a subtle difference in the shape or a soft variation in the colour. For instance, you could ask for soft, long layers to frame your face if you want to keep length. “Layering will create more movement and volume into your shape,” explains Tracey Hughes, creative director at Mieka Hairdressing. “And if your hair is shorter, chopping it into bob is a great fashion statement that never dates.”

Don’t: Dive in without test-driving the look

Those who are contemplating chopping off all their locks should always test-drive the style first. “Short hair can create a more individual statement and a new hair ‘do is much more affordable than a whole new wardrobe,” Tracey says. “But if you have any doubts, try on a couple of short hair wigs to give you an idea first of how you would feel.”

Do: Consider your skin tone when selecting colours

“Changing your hair colour can create an impactful statement and support your confidence,” Tracey says. Therefore, she recommends that you take into account your skin tone and eye colour to determine whether you are a cool or warm complexion and decide the best hue from there. “You also need to discuss what commitment is required towards a maintenance program for the upkeep to ensure that it’s the right choice for you,” she says.

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Don’t: Go lighter unless you’re committed to the upkeep

If you go lighter, the change in your look will have the biggest impact — but the maintenance and upkeep involved will be more intensive due to the obvious regrowth. “Also the lighter you go, the more stress you can put on the condition of your hair,” Tracey adds. “You can combat this impact by using the correct products for your hair type to replenish lost moisture and strength.”

Do: Consider a fringe as an alternative to the big chop

If you’re ready for a dramatic change, but you’re not quite ready to lop your locks off entirely, a brand new blunt fridge could be just want you need. “A side-sweeping fringe on a square or round face shape complements, as the longer lines elongate your face’s width,” Tracey says. “Meanwhile, a horizontal straight or curved heavy fringe suits diamond and triangle face shapes best, because it creates width.”

Don’t: Focus on your age

“Age is irrelevant when choosing a style — at Mieka we believe suitability is always the most important factor,” Tracey says. “Take into account your image, dress sense and face shape when choosing a style that’s right for you. For instance, shorter hair can look more modern and individual, therefore more youthful.”

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