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DIY canvas artwork in 8 easy steps

Beautiful fabric-covered canvases clustered together are as eye catching as they are simple to create. Brightening up your hallway, child’s nursery or even a corner of the living room has never been easier!

Fabric wall art

You don’t need to be especially crafty to create your own fabric artwork — in fact, you don’t even need to be all that creative! When it comes to home decor, clashing prints and bright, bold patterns are the flavour of the month, so you can’t really go wrong. All you need is a few simple supplies and a couple of hours to transform a boring wall into an interesting visual statement.

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DIY fabric canvas artwork


  • Fabric swatches in different colours, textures and patterns. Buy just enough to cover each canvas — around 30-40 centimetres of each fabric should be plenty
  • Craft glue
  • Good quality sewing scissors
  • Blank canvases in various sizes — you should be able to pick these up for a few dollars at at your local discount store



Firstly, lay out your fabrics and work out which colour fabrics work best with each canvas frame. Canvas art looks best when clustered in groups of three or six, so keep this in mind when planning each frame.


Gather all of your materials in one spot and then lay out your canvases on a flat surface. Cut fabric out to size to fit each canvas, ensuring you leave an extra inch or so to overlap on the back of the canvas.


Before you begin gluing, iron your fabric swatches. If you try to skip this step, you’ll end up with creased fabric on the canvas — not a good look!


To put together your first canvas, apply one thin line of glue to one edge of the canvas and affix fabric. Hold for 30 seconds.


Apply another line of glue to the opposite side of the frame, and stretch the fabric across the canvas. Affix the fabric and hold for 30 seconds. Ensure the fabric is smooth and crease-free across the canvas.


Fold the fabric at the end of canvas like you’re wrapping a gift. Glue into place, being sure to hold for at least 30 seconds so the fabric holds. Repeat at the other end of the canvas, being careful to smooth out the fabric so the front of canvas looks smooth and polished. Repeat for each canvas. Allow each canvas to air-dry in a cool, dry place for at least three hours before hanging on the wall. Arrange in clusters of three or six!

Final product

DIY fabric wall art

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