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Accent colour: The golden home

With cooler weather on the way, it’s time to bring in a great new accent colour — gold.

Stay away from the usual warm winter colours of forrest green and burgundy this year and instead, why not try adding golden touches?

Splashes of gold — whether it’s a light brushed gold or rich beaming gold — can reflect the hues of autumn and add features to any room that are sure to be talking points.

One of the important rules when it comes to something as striking as gold is to be gentle with the touches. Too much gold can come across gaudy, so think about how much gold you want to incorporate and through which pieces.

The experts at design and architecture blog, freshome, say, “Accent colours enable a room to become whole with separate pieces of colour adding depth to the composition of your interiors.”

If you’re a bit timid about incorporating something as daring as gold, start with small furnishings. If, however, you’re after a bold statement, look for feature items like decorative mirrors, rugs or wallpaper.

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Cushions and throws

The easiest way to incorporate any accent colour is with throws and cushions. They’re usually pretty inexpensive (depending on your taste) and are temporary. Small touches like this can also be easily interchangeable for each season.

This cushion from David Jones is a lovely subtle gold with added texture and interest — perfect for a neutral-coloured couch, chaise lounge or daybed.


An interesting way to incorporate colour is to look for pieces that use patterns. This can be a seen in a statement chair or this patterned lamp shade from Freedom Furniture.

The beauty about fabrics and patterns is that you can go for simplicity in matching prints or wild and crazy with contrasting prints.

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If you’ve gone ahead with using gold in a room, don’t be afraid to layer the use of the colour. Take the midas touch to your crockery, where a fully set dinner table will look amazing and bring together a whole room setting. Just don’t go for over-the-top gold pieces that look like something from the ’80s.

This teapot from T2 is just divine with gold edging and feminine pink, sure to be used during a lovely afternoon tea party.

Feature pieces

If you’re on the braver side and love statement pieces on your wall, then you have to look for an embellished mirror or picture frame.

Larger items, like this gorgeous gilted mirror from Laura Ashley, will look fantastic on a feature wall or in an area that draws your eye to a certain part of the room or house (and away from areas that you don’t want to be seen).

The only limitation with feature pieces is your imagination and bravery.

The bedroom

Gold is a great colour to use in the bedroom, bringing some sophistication and allure to the room. It’s a different colour that can add warmth, boldness and creativity to one of the most important areas of your home.

This gold bedding set from Harvey Norman is fantastic as not only does it use this beautiful hue, but it’s also showing one of the hottest current trends — the chevron print.

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