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Aussie bloggers taking over the world

Over the past couple of years, Aussie bloggers have made quite a splash on the international fashion scene. These gorgeous bloggers have offered us street style inspiration, fashion tips, great photos and the chance to escape into another world for a little while. That’s why we “like” them.

Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson, They All Hate Us

Tash Sefton and Elle Feruson they hate us all

Tash Sefton and Elle Ferguson are the ultra-stylish duo behind the cheekily-named blog, They All Hate Us. This pair of best friends bonded over a love of fashion and every afternoon, they would send each other an email packed with inspirational quotes and photos. One thing led to another and those private emails became a wildly successful blog, and now the girls are posing for the likes of Vogue. It’s not hard to see why their fans are addicted to their daily dose of Tash and Elle: They have a beachy, sexy style, but they can also glam it up from time to time. It’s a distinctly “Sydney” way of dressing. While the bloggers share an innate sense of style, they both inject their own personal taste into every outfit: Tash loves basic tees, monochrome colours and all sorts of jeans, while Elle is the queen of cut-off shorts and ankle boots. When you need fashion inspiration or just feel like looking at pretty pictures, this blog is a great place to start. (

Jessica Stein, Tuula

Jessica Stein tuula

There’s no doubt about it: Miss Stein is living the life most of us dream of. The Central Coast girl has carved out a career from her incredibly itchy feet and quintessentially Australian sense of style. Jessica started her blog, Tuula, a few years ago when she was wandering around Europe. Her posts of colourful cities, famous icons and, of course, her outfits, attracted tons of hits very quickly. Fast forward a few years and Jessica has 400,000 followers on Instagram and has turned blogging (and globetrotting) into a full-time job. Not bad. As for style, Jessica has it in spades. She’s nailed the task of putting together outfits that are youthful and fashionable, yet polished and sophisticated. In her world, less is more. She wears a fusion of vintage finds and designer pieces (Zimmermann and Sass and Bide are her favourites). If you love clothes and exploring the world, her blog is worth bookmarking. (

Mandy Shadforth, Oracle Fox

Mandy Shadforth Oracle fox

It’s whimsical, creative and just plain beautiful: It’s no wonder Oracle Fox has been ranked in the top 20 Australian blogs. While most other fashion blogs are born from a love of exactly that, fashion, Oracle Fox owes its success to a love of art. Mandy Shadforth is a Queensland-based artist who started the blog back in 2010 as a means of artistic expression. She filled it with images of her personal projects as well as stuff that inspired her, and before she knew it, people were starting to interact with her findings. These days, Mandy posts about fashion, art and gorgeous photography, and she also documents her daily outfits as well as her take on the trends. Mandy is best known for her effortlessly cool, free-spirited style: think denim, tees, chunky jewellery and funky accessories. It’s bohemian and typically Australian. If you love that laidback luxe look, we feel we have to warn you: This blog is very addictive. (

Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Vintage

Nicole Warne Gary Pepper vintage

When she was in her early twenties, Nicole Warne had a dream: to travel the world sourcing gorgeous, one-off vintage pieces and meet interesting people along the way. She founded an online vintage store, Gary Pepper Vintage, and thanks to a healthy dose of ambition, a good work ethic and a distinct sense of style, Nicole is now the creative genius behind not only the store, but also the accompanying blog. Her blog is full of photos about her immaculately put together outfits, which combine chic clothes from yesteryear with modern pieces. While the clothes may change, Nicole’s style is consistent: It’s preppy, elegant and bursting with colour (especially pastels). She loves playing around with different cuts and textures, but she’s not a fan of over-the-top fashion. Her style is eclectic at times, sure, but she always looks polished. That’s where her appeal lies. If you prefer thrift shops over department stores, you won’t be disappointed. (

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Photo credits: Xssat Street Fashion, Tuula, Oracle fox, Gary Pepper Vintage.

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