Etsy finds: Beautiful bath salts

Mar 11, 2013 at 3:15 p.m. ET

What's better than soaking in a bath at the end of a long day? Almost nothing, that's what. Make your bath time a little sweeter with these hard-working, gorgeous bath salts from Etsy. They not only smell and look great, but they also give your muscles and mind the TLC they need from time to time.

Etsy finds

Salt makes scents

Feather fascinator

Are you due for some relaxation? Pencil in some quality time with your tub and these gorgeous, scented salts from TheTroveShoppe. Handmade with sea and epsom salts and a few other select ingredients, these salts really are a recipe for relaxation. There are two choices on offer — lavender and rose — and the salts have been tinted to match the scent, making them convenient and pretty at the same time. Speaking of looks, these salts are very well presented and, as such, are a fantastic gift idea. The glass bottle and vintage-style cork scream class and the decorative bow takes the hard work out of gifting.

A set of smarts

dead sea salts

This bath set is amazing in more ways than one. Made from essential oils, herbs and top quality salts straight from the Dead Sea, these salts are 100 per cent natural. Yes, you read that correctly: There are absolutely no artifical colours or scents and no nasty parabens or irritants. For those with sensitive skin, you’ve met your match. The set includes three different types of salts: Renew, Detox and Calm. Each one does exactly what it says it does, so there will always be a salt mix to match your mood. We also love the no-fuss packaging. For more natural bath goodies, check out the Herbivore Botanicals shop.

Just enough grit

Crow and Sparrow

Take one look at these salts and you know you’ve got the real deal: They are all natural and nothing has been added to make them look pretty. If you’re into a healthy or organic lifestyle, these salts would suit you like none another. The hand-blended salts are made from bokek salt, epsom salts, essential oils and botanicals. Together, these ingredients work to detox skin, soothe tired muscles, reduce anxiety and help you feel rejuvenated. When CrowSparrowWares says these salts are "restorative", they mean it! There are three blends on sale in their shop: lavender, chamomile and eucalyptus.

A man's treat

wild man

Bath salts aren’t just for women — and these salts from WildRoseHerbs are perfect for those men who want to give themselves some good bath loving. This "manly" blend is made up of ingredients like Himalayan salt, Bentonite clay and cedar, lime and lavender essential oils. The mix is designed to detox the body by regenerating overworked muscles and drawing out toxins. The packaging is clean, simple and no frills, and the square glass jar would look great in any bachelor’s home. If your man wants to "feel rugged, look smooth" (as the tagline says), point them in the right direction.

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