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How to choose a cossie for your body type

When it comes to swimwear, one size does not fit all. The trick to finding the most flattering cossie is knowing which style suits your body type the best.

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Here are our swimwear commandments for ladies of all shapes and sizes. Who’s ready to face the change room?

Women’s bodies come in all shapes and sizes and there’s a cossie that suits them all. Whether you want to hide your tummy, support your chest, tone down your hips, or create the illusion of curves, there is a ton of swimwear on the market that will do the job. Before you hit the shops, all you need to do is learn which styles to stock up on and which to avoid.

Moontide‘s latest collection has something for everyone, so you’re bound to find your most flattering fit there. Who doesn’t love a one-stop shop?

If you’re pear-shaped…

So, you’ve got a booty. Instead of covering up with sarongs and shorts, it’s time to find that costume that will flatter your curvaceous figure (which, by the way, plenty of women would kill for). To slim down your bottom half, follow these tips to the letter.


  • To balance your proportions and draw attention away from your booty, choose a top with fuller coverage. Thick-strapped halterneck and full-cupped tops are great choices.
  • Choose bottoms with a fold-over waist — this style will make your rear end look slimmer.
  • Go for tops with details like frills, fringes and tye-dye prints.


  • Avoid boy shorts and skirted bottoms like the plague — they will make your booty look bigger and your legs shorter.
  • Steer away from any crazy or bold patterns or details when you’re choosing bottoms. The simpler they are, the better.

We like:

Moontide Lattice top

Moontide Lattice Top

Moontide tribal stripe pant

Moontide Tribal Stripe Pant

If you’re straight up and down…

If your body is more boyish than feminine, no problem: With the right swimsuit, you can enhance your curves and no-one will ever know that you’re “faking it”. Women with athletic bodies are really lucky when it comes to swimwear: Since the key is to add some oomph, you have so many options in terms of colours, shapes and patterns.


  • Accentuate your slim hips with bottoms that either tie up at the side or have some kind of scrunched-up detail.
  • Go crazy for volume: Padding, ruffles and fringes will all boost your body and create the illusion of curves.
  • Experiment with fun details, bright colours and bold patterns. The opportunities are endless!
  • In regards to style, choose string or halter bikinis.


  • Stay away from bandeau tops — they will flatten and enhance your “column” figure.
  • Avoid one-piece swimsuits and tankinis.
  • If you can, avoid plain, block-coloured cossies. The bolder your swimsuit, the more “curvy” and feminine you’ll look.

We like:

Moontide seersucker top

Moontide Seersucker Top

Moontide pleated sheen pant

Moontide Pleated Sheen Pant

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If you’re top heavy…

Does your bod look like an upside down triangle, with bigger breasts, a decent midsection and narrow hips? With the right cossie, you can get the support you need and balance your upper body out at the same time.


  • Select tops that offer fuller coverage and support. Halter, balconette and bandeau tops with straps will suit you best.
  • If your favourite style comes with an underwire option, purchase that one. The underwire will lift your breasts and hold them in place in the roughest waves.
  • Choose distracting bottoms. Bold patterns, polka dots, graphite prints and stripes will cleverly draw attention away from your top half.


  • Detour the string bikini section. Skimpy triangle tops may look pretty, but the fact is, they lack support and they will make you look bustier. Falling out of your swimsuit top is uncomfortable, and it’s just not a good look.
  • Avoid bandeau tops — the support just isn’t there and you’ll spend your whole beach day pulling it up. (As mentioned above, if the bandeau comes with relatively thick straps, that’s fine).
  • Steer clear of swimsuit sets that include a top that has a crazy pattern or print.

We like:

Moontide contours top

Moontide Contours Top

moontide bloom pant

Moontide Bloom Pant

If you’re apple shaped…

Women who carry weight in their middle tend to dread the annual swimsuit shop the most. If you’re one of those said women, that’s about to change: When you’re armed with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to choose tummy-minimising cossies like a pro. To define your waist and trim your tummy, treat these tips like gospel.


  • Go for cossies with slimming silouhettes. One pieces and tankinis are fabulous for you.
  • Pick a swimsuit with ruching, shurring, or some kind of voluminous detail at the sides. It sounds odd, but it will dramatically slim your shape.
  • In terms of colour, you have tons of options. Block colours and bold prints take the eye away from the middle, while black — as we all know — is incredibly slimming.
  • Choose halter and one-shoulder tops over bandeaus.


  • You know that instinct you have to hide your body underneath layers and billowy cossies? Resist it. This kind of volume will only add more bulk and make you look larger than you actually are (no thanks).
  • Avoid bottoms that have too many fussy details, such as fringing or frills.

We like:

Moontide twist suit

Moontide Twist Suit

Moontide contours pant

Moontide Contours Pant

Stockist info: To purchase Moontide’s swimwear range, visit or call 1300 005 834.

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