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Outdoor romance tips

Does your garden need a makeover? Why not fill it with romance this Valentine’s Day with a Romeo and Juliet inspired setting for two.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching so if you’re not in the mood for an overpriced dinner out or would just like to take advantage of the last few days of summer, creating your very own romantic garden might be just what you need.

No matter what type of outdoor space you have, from a sprawling backyard to a confined balcony, you can make a magical, indulgent getaway for you and your lover with just a few key items. Here’s how to get the look.


The first step to creating a romantic outdoor setting for two is in the lighting. Candles provide a warming glow and are a perfect touch to any outdoor area. Scented candles will not only stimulate your sense of smell but they’ll also help keep those pesky bugs away. To create a truly magical mood, fill your outdoor area with tea light candles or group a number of candles in varying sizes in the centre of your table.

If candles aren’t your thing you can use lanterns instead. Hang them against a wall or tuck them into shrubbery around your garden for a fairytale atmosphere.


To add a touch of romance to the air you’ll need to include some soft, whimsical textures. Think cushions in a romantic colour palette, a smooth white tablecloth and woven placemats in pretty pastels. Use your best silver, break out the crystal champagne classes and your finest china for the night because if you’re not going to use them on Valentine’s Day, when are they going to see the light of day?

You can also use sheer curtains outside to create a secluded romantic retreat for you and your lover. Drape them around a table or create a corner love nest filled with cushions and blankets for a seductive pre-dinner interlude.

Get the look

If you need a bit of guidance to get started we’ve put together a mood board with products sourced from Ikea for your romantic inspiration.

  • Potted Ivy $9.99
  • Boston fern $16.99
  • Rattan plant pot $9.99
  • Orchids $24.99
  • Or hang netting $14.95
  • Curtain lights $29.95
  • Lilac pots $9.99
  • Woven placemat $4.99
  • Table cloth $19.99
  • Wood textured candles $5.99
  • Floral cushion $39.95
  • Lilac vase $6.99
  • Hang some lanterns $19.99
  • Romantic mirror $29.99
  • Outdoor rocking chair $179


The key to a successful romantic garden lies in the plants you have. If you’ve got the space it’s time to simply let the flora take over. Take inspiration from movies like The Secret Garden where climbing roses are left to trail with reckless abandon, walls are covered with jasmine and ivy and flowers such as pansies, poppies and ranunculous pop up with surprising abundance.

If you’ve got a potted garden you can still achieve the look by clumping pots together at varying heights and filling them with delicate flowers, flowing ivy and foliage plants such as ferns. Keep an orchid or two as well — they’re easier to maintain than you might think — as their flowers and scent are truly the stuff of romance.


For a romantic colour palette try to avoid bold colours and stick to pastels instead. Gold, pink, cream, lilac, soft yellows, lavender and minty greens all work well to create a soft, romantic garden perfect for lazy afternoon lovemaking.

If you’re not great at picking colours that mix well together the lovely folk over at have done all the hard work for you. Have a look at these gorgeous romantic palettes for your colour inspiration.

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