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How to give yourself a facial from the inside out

We’ve seen the ads, bought the creams, tried the facial scrubs, all because we want to look 10 years younger, or even 10 hours younger and like you’ve actually had the chance to have a good night’s sleep.

Well, rather than looking to the chemical world and stocking up on all those products that promise a smoother face, softer lines, brighter eyes and vanishing wrinkles, here is a list of ways you can give yourself a facial starting from the inside. No products necessary.

David Wolfe, an advocate for raw healthy eating explains how certain foods can help us achieve glowing skin from the inside out. In the list below you can see some of the top foods David recommends in his book Eating For Beauty.

Minerals for beauty


This is the ultimate mineral to improve your complexion and help your hair and skin glow. Sulfur is found within our connective tissue and supports all of our organs. It works to build collagen in the skin as well as keratin which are important for hair, skin and nails as they give them their shine. Sulfur is also responsible for blood sugar regulation and tissue repair.


Zinc promotes cell repair, cell growth and the production of white blood cells which ultimately means that it will cleanse and repair your body, including your skin. Zinc is essential for cleansing the liver, repairing tissue and oxygenating the body. If you have acne or other skin disorders you may be zinc deficient as reports have proven these are directly linked.

Foods for beauty

These foods contain high levels of minerals such as sulphur and zinc, as well as iron, silicon and/or magnesium which David says are some of the best foods to help beautify your skin if you can include them in your diet. Why do they have such a good impact on our bodies? They alkalise the blood and have high levels of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

Aloe vera

Said to be great for looking and feeling youthful and for quick healing, aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and the gel can be used either topically or in your daily juices.

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Coconut oil

Used topically on your skin, coconut oil can repair your skin, is said to help the thyroid gland and is also an antioxidant and can control blood sugar levels.


A fresh addition to summer salads, cucumbers are a cleanser and they’re high in silicon — fantastic for cleansing our bodies. Buy cucumbers from organic farmers where you can because they are often grown with pesticides and waxed in supermarkets.

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High in calcium and other great minerals, figs are also high in fibre which is great for the digestive system which is ultimately great for our skin.

Hemp seeds

David says these are one of the most nutritionally-complete foods as they contain all nine essential amino acids, which means they are very high in protein, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and other minerals. Hemp seeds are great in smoothies, salads or just as they are as a snack.

Macadamia nuts

They might be a hard nut to crack but macadamias contain fatty acids and zinc making them great for the skin.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great source of B vitamins and a variety of minerals including zinc and phytonutrients, and they also contain anti-parasite properties and fatty oils.


Turmeric is considered a restorative food, with strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-cancer and anti-microbial characteristics and is well-known for its ability to purify blood which is essential for clear skin.

Now, go out there and start making salads, smoothies and other delicious dishes which are going to keep you feeling and looking great.

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