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Budget Valentine’s Day bedroom makeover

On Valentine’s Day, it’s time to turn down the lights and get a little frisky. There’s no better way to set the mood than a Valentine’s bedroom makeover and you don’t have to spend lots of money.

Valentine's bedroom on a budget

Ditch the junk and declutter

The trophies you won playing netball at school, the ribbons from pony club, the mountain of books you’ve been meaning to read, the collection of water glasses that sit by your bedside table and haven’t made it back to the kitchen, even the dirty washing — get rid of it, throw it out, put it away or hide it in your wardrobe. A clean bedroom with no distractions is more relaxing.

Cheap mood lighting

Think candles. Candlelight is very flattering to your wobbly thighs and his saggy six pack. You can create an array of moods with scented candles from the decadence of vanilla intermingling with undertones of dark chocolate to capture the ambience of the South Pacific islands with hints of frangipanis. Glasshouse candles are triple scented and pack a scented punch so you’d only need to buy one.

Cheap mood music

A simple playlist of music on your iPod can change the atmosphere of your bedroom. It’ll cost you nothing but time and maybe buying a few songs from iTunes if your music collection consists of nothing but AC/DC. If you’re stuck for ideas, Bruno Mars is the hotter than the Australian summer we’re having.

Cheap gourmet hampers

Pick up a cheap wicker basket from the Reject Shop or borrow a picnic hamper and fill it with a nice bottle of wine, a selection of fancy cheeses, crackers, fruit and dipping chocolate. And don’t forget the naughty little extras like furry handcuffs and flavoured lubes.

Change your bed linen

The Daily Mail in the UK reported people with purple bed linen are more likely to have more sex. If it’s true, you’ll want to head to Cottonbox. They stock a large range of linen including Logan & Mason Sebastian Purple range of bed linen, which may be a worthwhile investment, as it’s a way of changing the look of your room without spending a fortune on repainting. (Cottonbox, Sebastian Purple Super King Quilt Set, $188)

Cheap flowers

Two words — forget roses. Come Valentine’s Day prices of long-stemmed roses skyrocket. Head to the flower markets and purchase fresh flowers by the stem at prices cheaper than what you could pick them up through a florist. If you want to leave a trail of rose petals to the bedroom, consider using an artificial alternative. Silk rose petals are available by the bag.

So now the bedroom decor is up to par, here’s how you can spice up your sex life >>

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