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Etsy finds: Recipe books

Whether you’re a master of complex dishes or someone who just needs a guide in the kitchen, one thing’s for sure: You work better if you have all your recipes in the one place. Collect your recipes in style by creating your own recipe book (with a little help from Etsy).

Etsy finds

Cook’s mantra

hot pink snake skin passport holder

We’re putting it out there: Pasta fixes just about anything. If you’re partial to a good bowl of pasta, or you’re just a fan of the whole “keep calm” motto, then this recipe book is the perfect fit. The front cover of this journal — which is printed on high quality cardstock — has that familiar inscription as well as a vintage-style ink drawing of a crown. Inside, the book has 120 pages of white, unlined paper that are waiting to be filled with your delicious recipes. The book is bound by a double coil wire, meaning the pages lay flat when you open it. The artist, StevenJamesKeathley, makes each journal by hand after the order is placed, so feel free to request the size that suits you best.

Luscious leather

personalized monogrammed passport holder

If you want the kind of recipe book that can be passed down through the generations, this leather one has just the right look and feel. Handmade by the creative mind behind inblue, the journal features a gingerbread man appliqué on top of the soft leather of the front cover. For a personalised touch, buyers can ask for a name, initials, or quote to be inscribed — at no extra charge. The lined notebook inside leaves plenty of room for your recipes, but it can also be refilled or replaced easily. While the distressed mocha is the most popular colour, there are a few other hues to choose from.

Chequered cute

different signs of different places around the world

For a recipe book that’s just as much at home in Grandma’s kitchen as your own, look no further than this one. This cute-as-pie book is 22 centimetres x 18 centimetres and covered in a high quality checked cloth and decorations such as a wooden plate. Once you’ve wrenched your eyes away from the gorgeous cover, you’ll find that you can write your own recipes on the blank paper provided, as well as store magazine clippings inside. The designer, bydigitalpaper, also sells printable recipe cards for those who like their recipe collections to be uniform.

Custom chic

A purple passport holder with butterflies and flowers

Thanks to its personalisation and sleek, chic design, this recipe book would be an awesome gift for the cook in your family or circle of friends. Handmade with textured white paper and eco-friendly twine, this journal contains 50 pages, which is more than enough for any home cook. There is also a secret back pocket that is great for storing keepsakes or clippings. If you are giving this as a present (or even just treating yourself), the designer, twinebindery, is more than happy to stitch a name or message on the front cover. This sturdy book is not only pretty to look at, but it will last a long time.

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