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Treat acne with Ayurveda

Acne, next to accidentally leaving the house with your skirt tucked into your undies, can be one of the most embarrassing situations a person can go through.

For those of us who experienced acne at high school, it was embarrassing enough while everyone was going through the same hormonal changes, but just think about how it is for a woman or man experiencing adult acne when everyone else has their hormones under control. Not fun at all.

People experience adult acne for a whole host of different reasons and at difference stages in life. Have you come off the contraceptive pill which you were prescribed as a treatment for acne? Are you going through menopause? Are you pregnant? Some medications and cosmetics can also contribute to adult acne. And unfortunatley some of us take a while before we achieve that perfectly beautiful skin, or never really grow out of it.

Jonette Keri, MD, PhD, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine says that almost 30 per cent of women and 20 per cent of men continue to experience breakouts well into their adult years. But according to Heidi DeWald, Ayurveda practitioner from Ayurveda Life Balance Clinic Brisbane, Ayurveda can help.

And what are Doshas?

Everyone has a mix of three energies, Pitta, Vata and Kapha, which are believed to make up the body. These three Doshas should be in balance as they affect our mind and body. If you have a fiery temper and big red pimples? Chances are that your Pitta Dosha is too high.

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient form of Indian medical science which explains and ails different diseases and symptoms based on what are called Doshas. “Ayurveda is a practical method that helps us to live in harmony with the earth, the cosmos and ourselves,” Heidi says.

“Through a thorough and deep understanding of all part of the plants minerals, even animal products, the science of Ayurveda makes very detailed recommendations for diet, lifestyle and disease treatment,” she says.

So what can we do about that?

It is best to find out from your own Ayurveda practitioner about the best method of treating your symptoms, but here are some basic tips to keep in mind.

Foods to avoid

If your Pitta is out of balance, it’s best to avoid foods that aggravate it. This includes hot and spicy foods, fermented foods including yeast, vinegar, pickles, soy milk, yoghurt, tomato sauce and alcohol. Other foods to avoid include tomatoes, potatoes, bell peppers, eggplant and seafood. Eat lots of sweet fruits, green leafy vegetables, aloe vera juice and spices like turmeric and cumin.


Also try to do relaxing exercises like yoga and meditation, avoid doing anything too strenuous which will aggravate that Pitta, including things like running, Bikram yoga or competitive sports which are no doubt going to get your fire burning.

Ayurveda facial

This nutmeg facial is great for clearing out your skin. All you need is sandalwood, water and two or three nutmeg bulbs — it is best to crush your own nutmeg with a pestle and mortar rather than buying already ground nutmeg as it is fresh and better for your skin. Ground the nutmeg with the pestle then add a sprinkle of sandalwood and water until it is a thick paste. Apply evenly to the affected areas and wait until the mask is completely dry and the tingling sensation has gone before washing it off. This could take up to 30 minutes.

If you want more information about how Ayurveda can help not just get rid of adult acne, but also with eating habits and other health issues, look up your local Ayurveda practitioner for guidance.

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