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Handmade trends for the home for 2013

Say goodbye to 2012 and leave behind handmade owls and bold chevron prints. 2013 kicks off with some gorgeous new trends in handmade ideas for the home.

2013 Home decor trends
floral pillows

The trend toward handmade and DIY has been a welcome one over the past few years, with an obvious shift away from bland, sterile, mass-produced items, we’ve all fallen in love with warm, inviting pieces that are made from the heart and look gorgeous, too. Owls, chevron print, softies for kids, embroidery — they’ve all made an appearance.

If you’re looking toward 2013’s DIY and handmade home decorating trends, then stick with these ideas and you’ll be on your way and in the right direction.

Floral prints and fabric clashes

2013 is gearing up to be the year of floral. Think big, bold and colourful, mixed with fine and delicate floral prints. Let them clash a little by adding stripes and spots and you’ll be well on your way to a gorgeous, interesting environment.

DIY ideas for prints and fabrics: Use a variety of floral fabrics that are contrasting to make wall hangings. An easy option is to take a photo frame with a piece of heavy cardboard cut to size. Use contact adhesive to glue either one pattern or a collage of patterns onto the card and place back into the frame when dry. Alternatively, use contact adhesive to glue the floral fabric to an already stretched canvas.

Earthy and organic

The love affair with organics and earthy textures continues into 2013. For kitchens and bathrooms think about textured tiles, move away from high gloss sterile appearance and into natural products with texture and imperfections that create a feeling of being connected to earth. The same goes with decorating. Use wooden accents around the home, hangings, bowls, weavings, sand and neutral colours.

DIY ideas for earthy and organic: Visit local fairs to pick up unique one-off creations by wood workers. Invest in key items that create an earthy feel such as wooden display bowls and driftwood. Bring the outside in by painting gorgeous twisted branches and attaching them to canvas, or fill glass bowls with sand, stones and other interesting finds. Find a weaving class in your area and learn a new skill while creating one-off pieces for your home.

A splash of colour

While natural, textured neutrals are in, don’t think for a minute that means forgoing colour. Bold and bright are the choices for 2013 and there’s lots of fun to be had when combining them with florals and earthy.

DIY ideas for colour splash: Handmade decor accessories are in, and if you’re going to make them, make them bright. Go for easy to sew cushion covers, table wear such as placemats and napkins and bunting is still fun and still in as long as it’s bright. Make sure that your accessories make a statement and are bold. For smaller items such as crochet bowls and nicknacks, group them together to form larger displays.

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