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Budget-friendly ways to keep your house cool this summer

There’s nothing like the oppressive heat of an Australian summer. When the mercury starts to soar around 40 degrees and the dry heat makes your eyeballs feel like they’re going to be sucked out of your head it’s tempting to crank up the air con.

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But when you’re on a budget, how on earth do you stay cool and keep your home cool during summer?

Refuse to cook

Cranking up the oven and stove only adds heat to the house. Order in takeaway, fire up the outdoor barbecue and stick to summery foods like salads.

Turn off the lights

Incandescent light bulbs generate heat, so unless you really need them on, flick the off switch or change to LED bulbs or fluorescent lighting which don’t generate as much warmth.

Say no to chores

Even appliances like washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers generate heat, so what better excuse do you need to put your feet up and relax? If you must do dishes, try the old-fashioned way in a sink with a scrubbing brush.

Choose white

When choosing a colour for your roof, blinds or curtains, opt for white. It may not be the best colour for hiding sticky finger marks, but darker colours attract the sun.

Choose where you snooze

Some rooms have better airflow than others, so if the bedrooms are too hot at night time, drag all the mattresses into the hallway or lounge room. It’s like indoor camping.

Take a cold shower before bed

Go to bed with wet hair and you should be able to drift off to sleep easier if you feel cooler and sleep with a spray bottle of icy water at your bedside for a refreshing spray during the night.

Dress down or nude up

Getting around butt naked isn’t always appropriate when you have visitors, but if you’re home alone, there’s nothing like getting your gear off to keep cool. If you’re the self-conscious type you may want to opt for wrapping a large sarong around you. The less you wear the cooler you will feel indoors.

Tint your windows

It’s not the cheapest option, but what you spend on window tint you will make up in savings on your electricity bill. You’ll even extend the life of your decor, furnishings and photos by eliminating a lot of UV light which fades your belongings.

Avoid sunlight by shutting curtains and blinds

You won’t sparkle like the diamond-encrusted Cullen family, but your house will heat up like an oven roasting a Christmas chicken if you don’t close all your curtains and blinds. The bright sunshine flooding your home will have a greenhouse effect and send inside temperatures soaring. Once the sun sets, open all blinds and windows for airflow. Ensure security and insect screens are on all windows to keep out bugs and other unwanted intruders.

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