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Hair extension fun

This summer hair fashion is all about playful extensions.

Selena Gomez wearing feathered hair extension

Don’t let your hair miss out this bright summer season. With pastels, neons and interesting textures and prints on-trend this year, hairstyling has not been forgotten.

Lots of tresses are being dressed up with feather extensions and flashes of contrasting colour.

Hairdresser and make-up artist who services the Gold Coast and Kingscliff areas, Lisa Purnell says this trend is “all about having fun and experimenting”.

“The extensions, especially the feather ones are fun because of all the great colours,” Purnell enthused.

“There are so many popular choices like a real funky orange or purple, but then this summer we’re also seeing lots of nice pastel hair extensions.

“It’s a trend that is really starting to emerge in Australia,” Purnell said.

The feathery way

From single plumes to little gatherings of feathers, the indy-vibe look is ramping up. Companies like Fine Featherheads sell a range of feather extensions for long and short hair, fringes and even pets!

Feather extensions can come in a range of colours from natural plumage to neon-dyed pieces. They aren’t permanent and can be attached to the hair by clips or silicone-based beads that pop open and shut. Many companies do recommend going to your hairdresser for application and removal.

The best part is that they can be left in your hair and treated just like you would your tresses.

The Fine Featherheads crew says their feather pieces “can be brushed, blow-dried, straightened and curled… basically, our feathered hair extensions can be treated like your natural hair.”

Purnell, who applies feather extentions for her clients — including bridal parties  — says good quality extenstions can be washed and styled and generally won’t damage your natural hair. She recommends experiementing with where you wear them.

“You can place the extensions anywhere you want. The most popular choice is just behind the ear so that the colour or feather comes down into the front where it can be seen,” Purnell said.

Katy Perry with colored hair extensionColour flash

If feathers aren’t quite your thing, then you might like to play with real or synthetic hair extensions that have been boldly dyed — a great option for brunettes who have trouble lightening their locks.

Colours range from deep reds and oranges to bright greens and pinks. Of course, options also include more natural colour tones that can be used as highlights or lowlights.

Among the many options available, Lady Jayne has brought out an easy do-it-yourself option. Their coloured hair extensions can be clipped into your own hair and then treated the same. The extensions can be straightened or curled with tongs no hotter than 210 degrees Celsius.

Whatever option you choose, Purnell says if you care for your feather and hair extensions well they can last months. So, play, attach and let you hair match you mood!

Photo credit: Adriana M. Barraza/,

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