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Save our shoes!

Get more out of your cherished high heels by protecting them from wear and tear.

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Shoes are one of the biggest fashion items women covet. So, it’s best that we spend some time giving our high heels a little TLC before wearing them out.

Here are some great tips on how to protect your “glass slippers” from some of the most common sole destroying problems.

Rain, hail or shine

Whether you have pumps, high heels, flats or sandals, identify what your shoes are made of and give them a protective treatment before wearing them. Most shoes can handle a good coating with a waterproof spray, something highly recommended by one of Australia’s most popular online shoe stores,

Their blogger, Miss S, says she waterproofs all of her new shoes.

“This spray protects my shoes from dirt and moisture penetration. I give them a good liberal spray which coats the shoe in a thin, invisible silicon membrane. This assists in repelling moisture and water. I repeat the waterproofing process on a regular basis because the protection does wear down,” Miss S says.

Most suede and fabric covered shoes will do with just the waterproof spray, however, a little brush and dust after wear will keep them in good nick. If you do stomp in a puddle though, Miss S says to let your shoes “dry naturally and not by direct heat or sunlight.”

“Whilst shoes are still wet wipe away any mud or dirt with a cloth. To maintain the shape and leather texture of the shoes during the drying process, stuff them with tissue or a pair of socks,” informs Miss S.

When it comes to leather shoes, try to give them regular treatments with an all-in-one product that will protect, buff, clean and condition.

The grass is greener

While we all love to attend outdoor weddings, barbecues and spring racing carnivals, our shoes do not. Many of us have spiked the sludge and squelched our toes in unwelcome moisture.

If you can’t avoid the great outdoors and gumboots don’t go with your dress, pop a cap on to the bottom of your high heels. Sold in good shoe stores or online, heel protectors can give your heels greater resistance to sinking in the ground.

Popular trader Starlettos describes their heel protectors as “small, temporary and very discreet attachments that cup the bottom of your heel, increasing the surface area to the ground so that when you wear your heels on grass they don’t sink and get damaged”.

More hints

Some other quick hints to keep in mind include:

  • Don’t wear your shoes every day. Alternate them so they have time to bounce back in shape.
  • Add padding to the inner sole or inside of straps so that they stay on while you’re walking or dancing.
  • Undo straps or buckles so that you don’t strain them when taking off.
  • Consider adding a layer of rubber to the soles before wearing so that the layer wears down, not your shoe.
  • Wipe down the insides of shoes regularly to help combat smelly toes and absorb any moisture.

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