DIY paint chip wall art

Looking for a cheap and cheerful way to spruce up your walls? Make your very own piece of paint chip wall art this weekend.

paint chip wall art

It’s cheap, it’s cheerful, and for as little as the cost of a photo frame you can let your creative spirit loose with some paint chips this weekend.

What you’ll need

  • Paint chips in your choice of colour (aim to have enough paint chips in your choice of colour to completely fill the frame)
  • Photo frame of your choice
  • Piece of white card that will fit your frame
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

What could come in handy

  • Scalpel and cutting mat (depending on how fancy your design is)
  • Paper punch (for detailed shapes)



Map out your design

First, decide on your design. A mosaic pattern is a fun and easy way to start but if you would like to let your creativity loose you can find some creations to inspire you over at Pinterest.


Gather your supplies

paint chip wall art supplies

You can find a huge selection of paint chips at your local hardware or paint store. They’re free, but if you’re planning a monster artwork be nice and ask the store manager before you fill your handbag.

You can buy the rest of your supplies at Officeworks, a craft store such as Spotlight or Lincraft, or if you are lucky, your local newsagent. All up, this project shouldn’t cost you much more than the price of your frame.


Cut out your shapes

paint chip wall art shapes

Next, it is time to cut out your shapes. You will need enough squares and rectangles to completely fill your frame. Try to make your shapes different lengths (but all the same width) in a variety of colours. Or, choose one colour and use a number of different shades.


Lay out your pattern

paint chip wall art

Now it’s time to lay out your pattern. Remove the back of your frame and lay it flat. Cover with a piece of white card and trim to size.

Line up your shapes in vertical columns, making sure you leave some space around each shape to form gutters.


Stick it!

Once you are happy with your pattern, glue your shapes colour side up to the white card.


Hang it

paint chip wall art

You’re almost done! Place the frame and glass onto your backing and you’re ready to hang your masterpiece.

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